Monday, December 31, 2007

Sock Clubs....

This past year I had the excitement of being in the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Rocking sock club.
I was so looking forward to it having heard so much about the yarn and the club..I decided to find out more.
I received the first shipment and was really happy - but then I started to knit it. Okay - the pattern was not bad but the way it looked being knit - lets just not visit that again shall we?
Not being put off I looked forward to the rest of the shipments... Here are a few of the yarns:
The last one I really liked:
I can't wait to knit that up. However, I am not going to do it next year for a few reasons. One is the price. It went up again, and while the yarn is great - I would much rather spend 222.00 on yarn itself - or fiber- than on something I may or may not like.
That is not to say I won't keep up with a different sock club....
I am getting the Pedicures Sock Club -I really love the colors and the yarn.
The yarns are currently in my stash waiting for me to make them into socks. I did manage to get a bit of stuff done this past year - in between all the spinning I did - as you can see from this list:
2007 finished objects
1. clapotis
2. Scarf from stash
3. shawlette in green
4. Monkey socks
5. 5 hour baby sweater - white
6. 5 hour baby sweater - wool in the woods
7. 5 hour baby sweater - Crayola colored
8. Bonnet to match baby sweater
9. Christening dress
10. Roy's black socks
11. Mock turtleneck shell - yellow
12. mock turtleneck shell - birch tatamy tweed
13. Pomatomus socks - Silky STR
14. Fawkes socks - STR firebird
15. Shawlette
16. Pink Waffle socks - for kait
17. pomatomus socks - lagoon STR
18. Moorish Lattice socks - for Janet in brown
19. sheep - felted
20. sheep - felted
21. sheep - felted
22. scarf - charity
23. hat - charity
24. mittens - charity
25. Grammy's gauntlet's- Dad
26. Rococo socks - cotton candy STR for Kait
27. Christmas colored socks - SIL - JO
28. Candy Cane hat - red/white
29. Candy Cane hat - green/white
30. Candy Cane hat - green/white
31. Olive you Hat
32. Black Fetchings
33. Ornament cover (red/green)
34. Ornament cover
35. Ornament cover
36. Bills toe socks
37. Reindeer gloves - Karen
38. Royce's twin rib socks
39. Rochelle's red heart socks
40. Roy's moss cable socks- in Beaver Dam Pedicure yarn
41. Fingerless mittens

I also wanted to show you something else I hope to be working on in the new year - I hope Hanne Falkenburg Plisse' kit.

Hope you all have a safe and happy New Year!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Tired of Red --- and rambles..

So I have been working on gloves.. and for some reason I have been on a red and white kick - but I think its it fianally catching up to me. I am stalled at this point on both of these gloves at moment:Now this wouldn't be a problem - but I am doing these for a customer. The issue I am having is the face that the pattern is to have a white background or lighter color - and I am doing the red as the background. That shouldn't be a problem - but I keep messing the whole thing up. Irritating as ever. Especially as I have already knit this pattern once - its the Cunningham star patterns from Knitting Fair Isle Mittens and Gloves.
So they need to get done - just to give myself a break from the red issue- I did make these on Christmas day:
These are fast and easy to do! Pattern: Fingerless Mittens by Knitting at noon
Yarn: Poems from Universal yarns
Needles - size 6 DPNS
These will be a model for the shop.
Fast and easy. Satisfied with those - I went to go back to the gloves-- but ummm - well I had to frog a whole 2 inches..
So I started another model for the shop (as I am giving a class on the cast on this session for) the Lace Moebius Scarf from Fibertrends:
Wish me luck - I am going to try to finish it before New Years... Ahem - yes I do know that it is less than 48 hours away.. leave me to my delusions please.
I am going to try to have it at the shop for the New Years Day Sale. It will be a draw your own discount - anywhere from 20 - 50 % off! Don't miss it! 12- 5 New Years Day!
Then we decided to go see National Treasure 2 yesterday. Being a Knitting Addict- I could not go without something to work on. Having nothing on the needles - I quickly cast on a pair of socks:
On the Ott lite saga - I finally got the 2 40.00 gift cards from JoAnn's. Now I will take some time and get a new light. I don't think I will go with a Ott-Lite again- their customer service leaves much to be desired. So I am leaning more towards the Daylight lamps.
Any suggestions?

Okay- off to knit if I am going to hit my deadline!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas - and the ott-lite saga continues

Wow this week flew.....
I got a call from the manager at JoAnn's here in town - seems they sent the gift card to some strange address here - it was the right town - but other than that - even the zip was wrong .... hrm.....
For some reason I am doubting that they ever sent it.
Supposedly they are to send it out again this week to the correct address..... only time will tell.

On the Christmas front - I am getting my knitting goals accomplished--- I am down to one sock-- Only 1 to go!
So I am somewhat more relaxed now - and even hope to get cookies made today. I have the tree decorated - and everything else is wrapped and under it.
So I am just about ready.
Last weekend I had fun giving out some hand knitted gifts. My Baby Bro now has a 2nd pair of toe socks-- I am hoping that they will send me some of the pictures they took so I can post them here. (hint hint) I managed to get alot of knitting done for the Family Christmas at my Parents. The list of items accomplished -
1 pair of toe socks size 12-- Don't even ask how long they took.
1 pair of socks for his wife - Jo
1 pair of socks for Jan
1 pair of fetchings (fingerless gloves for those who don't knit) for Mary ( some how I forgot to take a picture of the ones I gave her - they were green - the ones below are black - but I will replace the picture if she sends me one of them - maybe even on her hands???)
1 pair of Reindeer gloves for Karen

The only sibling I didn't make anything for was Anna - as she has a wonderful Mother in Law who does knitting that puts mine to such shame-- but I am going to do something for her soon - I just need ideas...(hint hint!)

I so enjoy giving gifts - much better than getting in my estimation. However - this year I am planning on starting some of them in January so I do not have to be sleepless for a month prior to Christmas.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Ott Lite Saga....

Last year my Darling Husband was wonderful to purchase for me the one Item I really wanted.

An Ott-Lite to help me when I am doing all the colorful knitting. I was excited as we had decided to only get each other one thing. Now this wasn't a big one - but a small table top one. This was such a wonderful and thoughtful gift! I was excited and happy to use it - so much so I went on line at 9 am Christmas morning and did the online warranty CARD!
Now you know I had to be excited. I rarely ever fill out those things.
So I patted myself on the back and happily began to use the light. I was so excited I cast on a pair of Black socks! On size 0's never the less ( ok-- so I need my head examined to taunt the universe this way - but I was excited....).

So everything worked great till the end of March and then one day in the middle of the row - BAM!

The light went out!
Okay - I thought - its the bulb. I must have used it way to much - so I merrily went back to Jo Ann's and purchased a new bulb immediately. Ran back home and quickly replaced the bulb so as not to stop my knitting or spinning.
Then ---- NOTHING
Okay - don't freak - take deep breaths - check to make sure it is plugged in and try again.
Still Nothing.
I was devastated.
So I was talking to Carla - and she said to check the Ott-lite site. It could be the black balast box. So I did. Yep that is what seemed to be happening. They even had a blurb about it on the site. So I contacted them.
Did I fill out the warranty card? Check!
Did I have a copy of the receipt? Ummm no.
Dang. So I call Jo Ann's and talk to the manager.
Then I call the Corporate Office and get a hard copy sent to me.
This takes a few weeks. Contacted Ott-lite - have to explain myself again and yes this time I have a receipt. I mail a copy of it to Ott-Lite. They are to call upon receipt.
3 weeks go by. No call. So I call them again.
Same questions.
This time I get asked if I have the proof of purchase. ( Oh yeah - by this time - we are in August!)
Proof of Purchase??? What? Are You Kidding ME?????
Okay no I threw away the box in January. Silly me.
After several tense contacts...(including one where I asked if they wanted my arm too - I was frustrated by this time and my patience is running thin...but I think after 4 mos it might be acceptable...don't you agree?)

After many more contacts Ott-Lite finally decided to send me a number to send it back. Oh yeah - include a check please for them to look at it - 9.60 please.
So I did.

4 weeks later - the box - totally destroyed returns -- it was refused by Ott-lite!!

Now I am no expert on things - but at this point - I was totally upset with Ott-lite. I called them again - and was asked (after giving them the silly number that I had been given -- which was even written on the outside of the box) What was this concerning??

When I explained - I got the same questions again.


Okay - So I go to Jo Ann's to talk to the manager - and she is nice - gives me the number for Jo Ann corporate and tells me to call them.
So I do.
I finally get ahold of them after playing phone tag for a week or so on November 2nd. I was relieved to hear that I would be receiving a gift card for 75.00 to replace it.

Finally! I was relieved. I would at least be able to get another light. Finally!! And - It would be here before Thanksgiving! I "could" use it on Black Friday - and even get a floor lamp maybe....

Yeah well it never showed.

Called them on November 30th. - Apparently they had to wait for the finance dept to send down the gift card. It would be mailed that day.
So I wait.

December 10th I called again as it has not yet showed up. Oh the gal has it but hadn't mailed it yet. WHAT????
Okay - everyone is busy I understand. (trying to be patient here)
It was now being mailed today.
So I wait again.

Friday was Dec. 14. Almost a full year has passed since the purchase of the lamp.
I called the manager at the store here in town again and expressed my frustrations - still being nice. ( I have not begun to yell yet - I think that means I get a medal)

The Manager is to call them and speak to the gal who is supposedly taking care of this on Monday.

So I am still without a Ott- lite. At this point I am thinking they may owe me more than just the money. After all it has been over a year now.

Maybe we should all write Ott- lite and Jo Ann's about this?

After all their customer service is just excellent don't you think?

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Christmas knitting

I am working on Christmas presents - so unfortunately I can't show anything here in case my family actually checks my blog. (this is highly unlikely but I just can't take a chance)
So I was thinking of ways of making money quick. (would love to get lots of presents for everyone)

I may have hit on a great idea:
Knitted Fair Ilse Ski masks targeted towards thieves.

Yep that is what I came up with.
I can hear the news cast now --

"and this evening the bandit was sporting a stunning hand knit fair isle ski mask with matching pistol cosy and gloves. The ensamble was completed by the beautiful cable knit loot bag..."

That is my great idea for the day.

Off to knit again.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Snow in the mountains....

So this am I was on my way to get some milk from the dairy and this is the sight before me as we went up the mountain:
Yep it has snowed. Which of course was cause for Dh to say his normal complaints about the snow. I tried to point out that it was not laying on the road and therefore he did not have to shovel it.... But that didn't seem to go very well. So instead I amused myself by snaping pictures of the forest as we drove.
Apparently he finally decided to give in to my insanity and stopped the vehicle to allow me to snap this picture of the reservoir.
And then another of this bush that just looked so pretty just dusted with the wet snow.
Doesn't that just make you want to sit inside by a nice hot fire and Knit??

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Hunting Season

Its getting cooler here in Pennsylvania. Hunting season is upon us.
Every year at this time I somehow start to miss my Grandmother Becker more and more. She was a wonderful woman, and always was working on something, be it a knitted dishcloth, or a sewing project. Every year I received 2 night gowns (the boys got pj's)from her - one in spring out of cotton, and one in fall out of a flannel. While that may not sound like much- you have to understand, I was one of many Grandchildren they had, so it was a huge amount of sewing.
I can also remember the knitted socks she made for the guys in the family who hunted. They were grey with red cuff, heels, and toes. I can still see her sitting in her chair, knitting and watching Julia Child cook.
Last year Daddy asked me to make him a pair of Gauntlets, as the pair he had from his Mother was getting old and tattered. My Mom gave me the tattered pair and I got to hold a item that I am sure to Gram was just another small thing she made. It makes me feel as if she is still here to hold them.
I went to my LYS and found a ball of Kraemer Yarn, Summit Hill. Sitting at home I measured Grams gauge and then set about swatching to get it with this yarn I had chose. Dad was happy to have another pair. Somehow, though, they got misplaced when he was hunting.
My Mom, ever mindful of what Daddy needs - asked me to make another pair. Somehow - this month has gotten away from me and on Thurs I realized he might need them for bear season which starts on Monday! So Thurs night while I was at a fund raiser Bingo game, I cast on for the new pair. I worked on them most of that evening, and then finished the first on Friday morning and started the 2nd one. Last night I finished it up while at my regular Knit Night at the LYS.
Today I delivered them to my Dad before he left for Bear Camp. When I got home I added them to my Ravelry project list, and realized - I should share the project with others. Opal encouraged me to write it down.... so here it is-- I am going to post it here in case you are not in Ravelry yet. (if not why not?? before you cast on for this- go and sign up!!)
Grammy's Gauntlets
Yarn used: Kraemer Yarns Summit Hill Greenstone
Needles: Size 3 DPN's
gauge : 5 stitches to an inch over ribbing.
Size: Fits most
Cast on 48
Join in round being careful not to twist.
K2 P2 around for 11 inches.
Cast off loosely.

These have no thumb holes, and are just slipped on the wrist and over the fingers.


Thursday, November 08, 2007

I can't keep quiet any more!!!!!!

So time is fast slipping away - and while the camera has been found I have been slow at getting pictures taken due to being so busy - I barely have time to stop.
But I wanted to post some things:
First -- A HUGE CONGRATS!! Goes out to Judy- she WON FIRST PRIZE!! in the Kraemer Textiles design contest. So keep a eye out for the pattern to be up on the Kraemer site under free patterns!
The beautiful sweater is being worn by Judy herself and her beautiful German Shepherd Elsa, who sadly passed away unexpectedly on Oct 7 2007 in front of her.

Elsa will be so dearly missed, and we are contacting Kraemer to see if the sweater can be renamed Elsa in honor of her.

Stay tuned for more on this.

Secondly - I also wanted to show you some beautiful new yarns available at Victoria's House of Needlearts. I am a bit proud of them - they are one of the things I have been working on so much lately - but I can't begin to take all the credit! You see - Judy, and Carla are my partners in crime with this - and our new company - Tadpoles For Ewe - is a labor of love.

So here are some pics of the Pedicure Shimmer - a beautiful yarn in 5 colors...

The colorways are from left to right:
Lily Pad
& Beaver Dam

The Pedicure Shimmer has a bit of sterling silver running through the silk/ super-wash merino/ nylon blend going through it - beautifully set off by the semi-solid colors....
Each skein holds 420 yards and is fingering weight - good for a pair of socks- or a beautiful shawl! ( retail- 28.00)
We also have a matching solid yarn -Pedicures- without the silver thread in it.
This yarn is superwassh merino and nylon blend in fingering/sock weight also. It has 420 yrds and each skein will make a pair of socks easy!

Colorways are the same as for shimmer:
from left to right -
Beaver Dam
Lily Pad
& Dragonfly
(retail - 24.00)
These will make beautiful gifts for your favorite Knitter for Christmas!!

So now the secret is out - and hurry if you are interested in it - a fresh batch of Shimmer is heading to the shop on Friday- but it probably will not last long - so get any orders in fast!!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Dang Camera

Okay so I have alot of pics I want to show you - but dang it I can't find the silly universal port to upload them to the puter. Silly thing grew legs and wandered off someplace.

So I guess you will all have to wait to see the pictures.

On one note- I did a demo yesterday at a school about 50 miles away. It was not a great time for me, it was raining, and did not seem very organized. Maybe it is due to me feeling a bit run down, but I really wasn't into it.

Anyhow - today is my sisters housewarming and Halloween party, Dh has talked me into wearing a costume (I am not a halloween person), so I will be dressed for it. I just hope they all understand that this Vampiress will not have her teeth showing, and has to be knitting, or things will get ugly.

This past week I have started a baby Blanket, its a mindless project which is nice. I was going to do a slipped stitch pattern, but it didn't seem to show up well. Sooo I frogged it, and started a simple basket weave pattern which is turning out much better.

I also got started on a pair of socks, I am using the Rococo pattern and doing it in Cotton Candy colorway in lightweight Socks That Rock yarn. It looks good so far, the pattern is great and I am enjoying it. I have about 6 1/2 inches done on the toe so far.

Fall Foliage went okay this year - the heat during the first weekend was way too much for most people to think about buying stuff. The second weekend was much better.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Cardiac Dr's need not apply.....

I love to cook, anyone who knows me I enjoy it alot. This summer when I found out I was diabetic I was devastated to think food was my enemy.

But I am now learning to work with it and live with moderation of my loves.

Tonight I decided to make a traditional Polish dish - Haluska.
I was on the phone talking to Opal when she mentioned I should show others what I was cooking....
This is the result - a tutorial of sorts on it.

So the first step I do is cook the bacon slowly.
Now most people don't add bacon to it,
but I love the added taste!

While the bacon is cooking I start water boiling and mix up the dough for the Spatzel, a form of homemade noodles common in German and Polish cooking.

I cook them, drizzling them into the boiling water and cooking until they come to the top and float.

Then I add the chopped cabbage to the water to slightly blanch it.

You can see the cabbage in the pot here.

I let the cabbage cook a bit in the pot,

Here you can see the bowl of the Spatzel after it is removed from the water and waits for a few moments before being added to the pan of bacon.

Once everything is ready- I add it all together with a 1/2 stick of butter.
(I told you no Cardiac Dr's allowed)

Add some salt and pepper... and yum. Wonderful good comfort food.


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Knitters Day Out.....WOW!!

Knitters Day Out was this past Saturday near Harrisburg Pa. I have to say I really look forward to it!
This year I had some restraint at the market, at least I tried a bit.
Its a total fiber fest there- a huge amount of vendors there and oh the selection! I did manage to keep my purchases down some - but when I saw this knit sack - well - lets just say it jumped into my hands- and off Carol from Mannings waist! Yes - I actually made her take it off to sell to me-- but it had roses on it, and anyone who knows me, knows that it was perfect and could not be passed up at all!
Here is picture proof:

Beautiful isn't it? The Roses are gorgeous! So far it has been used daily for the walk to bus stop with youngest, I am getting a lot of progress on my sock too!
Was definitely a good purchase!
I am also a history buff of sorts.....

I took a class from Beth Brown -Reinsel called Latvian Wristers. Now before you all comment and tell me there is no such thing as a Latvian wrister- let me put you at ease and tell you that it was a practice piece.
The history in this book is great as are the patterns, I am so glad that they have reprinted it!
Of course I can't leave anyplace without a bit of bling!
So I finally gave in and purchased these cute earrings!

have I said they are cute?? I just wish I could have gotten alot more of them in different colors!

So I mentioned the class on Latvian knitting ...

here is the result of my efforts. Its so much fun to do the various knitting techniques. I can't wait to use them in various ways.
The Other class I took was the Sideways Garter Stitch gloves from Jill Bigelow-Suttell.

Now I had attempted to make these once before but the little tricks she showed us... Well worth taking the class!

I got this little sample done to the last graftting of the side in class. That is less than 3 hours people!!

And I had to frog some.... So I think you could get alot of these done fast! Think Christmas Gifts!!

If you are interested in the pattern- go here! and ask for the Sideways Gloves!

I have more to share- but that shall wait for tomorrow!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Package from Hawaii

So a few weeks ago I offered to make some simple sewn bags for my dear friend, Opal, in Hawaii. She is a wonderful Island Girl who knits, spins and generally trys to keep me in line with my projects.

She ordered the fabric, and then shipped it here - with a "few other items" she assured me saying that most was for the family...

One of them was this little package all wrapped up in tissue paper -- I slowly unfurled it and found this gem....(my picture does not do it justice!)
I am in shock and Awe!! It is so soft and gossamer like - I think Opal has part goddess in her to make items like this!!
Oh yes- the fabric is in there - and I plan on making the items for her tomorrow from it, along with some Milk Chocolate Covered Caramel and Macadamia nuts, some macadamia nut cookies and a Hawaii calendar for 2008!!
She is sooo sweet!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Kraemer tour!

Wow - hard to believe it crept up so fast!
We had a great time yesterday as the knitting guild took a trip to Kraemer Textile Mill in Nazareth Pa. There were 10 of us that went- to the Mill. Wow is all I can say!
This is the Lab- where the magic begins- the Gentleman in the picture has been there for over 50 yrs! He is in charge of making the yarn blends that the customer wants.
Raw materials from Alpaca farmers---- wonder if one of those will fit in the van?
Bales of color- they do alot of blending with colors to get the final color needed.
As I debate on that we move to another wonderful machine-- the Carder! Okay- so I doupt that will fit into my van - but a couple of those bins would - I just know it - do you think they would notice??Where the yarn becomes a reality - the yarn comes to life here...

Then they are sent to be plyed or a Twister as they call it in the Mill.Then it gets wound from the bobbins to cones.....

Its an amazing tour- I highly recommend anyone who can make the drive to go! Gives us a much better understanding on how big of a process it is to make the yarn we all love to use!

Did I mention - that the Mill has been in operation for 100 yrs this year?!! WOW --- and they hope to stay in operation for next 100 too. If you haven't tried Kraemer yarns--- you need to! We left at 7 am and arrived back at about 7:30- tired and happy with lots of new yarns and ideas to work on! Although I didn't return with any of the roving - they do sell it, and I have used it in past to make some great yarns!
So ask your LYS to get some of the great yarns from them in - its one of the last mills left in USA and we need to keep it here!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Startitis.....sort of

So I have been working on the new sweater for Rochelle. She asked for one for her 5th grade year. I have the fronts done- and have the edging done on bottom of back now. Hopefully I will get it done before the 29th as she wants....But - I have a bug- Startitis. Its a horrible bug - so last night when I couldn't sleep - I started to play with the 4 colors for the mitered square jacket from SWTC. I am liking this for a take along project I think- as I have a 14 row pattern for the sweater and the chart for the socks..well- that makes sense right?
Doesn't it?
Oh well - off to do the errands- And will post more tonight!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Its that time again.....

The sky is getting darker earlier. The heat of the dog days of August are upon us. School shopping is in full swing...what does this mean to me??

Fall is coming!

Mind you - Its not that I dislike summer - I just hate the heat, and the humidity, and the bugs. I am not fond of sand, and the ocean on the eastern seaboard holds very little draw for me. I do however love the fresh produce.

Fall is coming though! The time to pull out the beautiful hand knits, and watch the colorful display of the Pennsylvania forests. And Knit, Spin, and repeat! Kids will be in school and I can focus on my spinning and getting ready for Bedford Fall Foliage that is coming in Oct.
I am always so excited with fall - and getting ready for winter.
I know - I am in a minority here, but the first snow fall - I have to dance a little!

On the health side- I am getting used to no Pepsi, No pigging out on sweet stuff, and watching my diet and exercise, and remembering to take the meds. Kait is now diagnosed as epileptic, and is on meds for that too, so the whole family is adjusting. Slowly.
Big problem I have is that all of the artificial sweetners are giving me migranes. So I am drinking water, milk, and more water.

Off to spin some more - Oh yeah - I am in Ravelry now too! Woo hooo! Which is also taking some time, but may actually keep me honest. I am currently working on 4 projects, but plan on getting through all of my Works in Progress before end of year. New years resolution will be to keep to 2 projects at a time.

Friday, July 27, 2007

end of the Chevy......

so there was a wreck last night..

this is what is left of the car--- they say its totaled 3 X's least...

Thank goodness a Guardian Angel was with my baby girl....

and all she got was this..

and a headache.


Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Well - Its official. I am a diabetic.
Double Dang.
That is the news so far. So I am on the Mediterranean diet. That is a yummy one! I can do that!
Exercise--- well I shall work harder at that too, and hopefully loose some weight.

On the up side- It will not affect my spinning or knitting!! Double Yeah for me!!

I currently have a new project on the needles- a blue sweater for Rochelle. So will get pics of it soon for you all to see. I did finish the Pink socks - and Kait reports they are "Very Comfy!"
So things are moving along. I have the 3rd clue of the MS3 done. 2 repeats on a pair of Fawkes sock pattern in the firebird Socks that Rock club color. Its really pretty.
Still stuck on the Moorish Lattice sock though. Dang thing.

Oh - And---- I have started to spin the yarn for the 12 days of Christmas sweater that my Eldest Zusje purchased for me. So I think in 2 weeks i will begin dyeing up the yarn for it. Then start the knitting.
Wish me luck!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

New Grand.....Child??

Welcome Skippy Kitty!

Okay so its not a child - but a 4 legged kind.

He is Kait's new man....

Thursday, July 19, 2007

just keep spinning.....

Yep that is what I am doing-- spinning and spinning...

Spinning is great - it gives me time to think, to ponder, to dwell on the things important to me. Like fiber, and food.

I admit it - I am not a summer person- I rather like putting on layers of clothes, especially the wonderful hand knit items. Summer for me is just a bit too warm. Thankfully today in Penn's woods we are to get a break from the hot humid weather - for the weekend. Then look out!
They are predicting a heat wave.
Which begs the question- how come they can get the snow storms all wrong- but the heat all right?? Seriously! I love the days when we don't hit the high they call for. Yes I know I am strange in this aspect. I love the cold weather- and curling up in front of a fire with my knitting and a hot cup of tea is a wonderful time to me.
I am thankful we put air conditioning in the house a few years ago. For those not in this area - its not standard to do to a house. But then again - we normally do not get many days over 90 a year. Which suits me fine.
Cooler weather is coming though, I keep hoping - Summer is almost half way over - that means some great fall weather- cool days- great fall colors. Produce piled high at the farmers markets.

Times I am looking forward to.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

time to shear...

It has gotten warm, and the boys are nice and fluffy- what is a spinner to do?? SHEAR!!
So here are some pics of my boys :
First I give you the pic of Steamy contemplating the whole idea.. in full coat:
Now I give you 3 hours latter the pic of Dreamy - who was first in line for the scissors this time...
ACKKK - Naked Bunnie!! LOL
He is really cute and sweet though..
Even if he is giving me a weary eye at this point. I do have to say he was very very good - and oh so loveable! I just have to laugh at how diffrent he looks now from before! Soon- Steamy will be getting the shear - probably tomorrow!