Tuesday, January 30, 2007


So, today we got some snow squalls - and finally it looked like it should have in Dec.

I went out on the deck to sweep the snow- and was followed by the pups..who seemed to think I was there just to play. So I snapped a pic of them, or rather tried to. Kaya was good and kind of stood still, Chey on the other hand, decided to try to eat the snow at my feet and thus put down her head. Silly girl!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Huge Socks....

No you are not seeing things- to give you some sort of reference - the smaller sock- is a womens medium sized one of mine. The Larger one - is my DH's - his calves are huge and this is the first of a pair for him to wear in his boots for work.

Yes - I have officially lost it.

okay - obligatory Family pic time

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Uggghhhhhh !

Okay, so blogger has not been nice to me this past week and would not let me post.
But - in spite of that I have perservered.
This past week - I have managed to finish one of 2 socks. I had hoped to get a pic of it, but of course blogger won't let me upload it.
So you will have to wait till I get the 2nd one done. I know- you are thinking big deal- its just a sock. Well it would be if it didn't have to go around a 16 inch calf and be 15 inches long. In other words---- ITS HUGE!
I am makeing them for DH who needs nice warm socks for work.

I did spin 2 lbs of roving up this week and -- made a scave for a little one at bus stop too.
I am really trying to keep to the 2 projects at a time-- one that is involved and requires some concentration and a 2nd to keep in car and for trips. Its not easy at the moment - these socks are really big and black, and have I mentioned BOOORRRRING!!

Going to get the 2nd one done as quickly as possible - then I plan on getting to work on finishing the Weekend sweater that is taking forever too. Remind me not to keep with big projects.
I did figure out last night that I have about 3.3 MILES of sock yarn. I am going to try to knit as many socks as possible this year.

Wish me luck.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

What have I been up to?

Okay- first the good stuff:
I recieved a fabulous box from my secret Santa - Carole!! You should have seen me trying to behave( yes that was trying to) while I waited for her to get online so I could open it.
Once I got into it - and yes- the DeLoache name on sender gave it away---- I was so spoiled!!

Even Rochelle got a Polly Pocket - she was estatic!

A few days after the New Year I got another box that had a wonderful hat in it from my Dear friend Nancy--with a gorgeous hat in it for me, and one for each of the girls:

So very wonderful for her to do that for me!!

I have been working on spinning and knitting - will get a finish pic of the Clapotis taken soon so you can see-- Its Finished!

So I have the Weekend Sweater still in progress, and I have the take along project of a pair of socks for Roy too.

The Rocking Sock Club has had me a bit upset- not the club itself- but the issue with the bank.
First- Let me say- I want to congradulate Blue Moon for the professional way they have handled it, and I was happy to see that the Bank involved at first was on its toes to notice the activity of the group on the site and money coming in.
However- I can't say I agree with them in their decision that it can not be a good business plan, and cancelling it. I really think they should have taken into account of the wonderful class of Fiber addicts we are and how with the temptation of fresh sock yarn- we gladly part with money.
But the good thing is - the Rocking Sock Club is still on- and I shall be having a blast I hope.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

time is moving....

Faster than me LOL.
Okay- so I have been busy here- got to Victorias House of Needlearts on new years- and got lots of new yarn. Why do I do that to myself? I had issues with the cable pattern again on the Weekend sweater( from interweave knits fall 2006 mag). So of course--- I started the clapotis from knitty again.
I have a good deal done on it now- hope to finish it this week. I will get pics soon of it, I am using some Tattamy Tweed Yarn from Kraemer Yarns in teal colorway. Its a wonderful yarn.
Oh yes--- There is a new yarn at my LYS - Tofutsies!!!
Of course I had to get 2 skeins of it- and its on my list to make some of those too.
So the list grows... again LOL.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Years!!

May the new year give you a wonderful time for Knitting.
I have a new list of projects started- here is the first 10 on list so far:

1. Finish weekend sweater
2. Socks for Roy
3. Sweater for kait ( white)
4. socks for Rochelle
5. Finish sock for Jo
6 Finish Philosopher wool sweater
7. 12 day of Christmas sweater
8. Pink Sweater for kait
9. Clapotis
10.Yellow Mock Shell tank top

So here goes me keeping up this blog better than I have been.