Saturday, January 27, 2007

Uggghhhhhh !

Okay, so blogger has not been nice to me this past week and would not let me post.
But - in spite of that I have perservered.
This past week - I have managed to finish one of 2 socks. I had hoped to get a pic of it, but of course blogger won't let me upload it.
So you will have to wait till I get the 2nd one done. I know- you are thinking big deal- its just a sock. Well it would be if it didn't have to go around a 16 inch calf and be 15 inches long. In other words---- ITS HUGE!
I am makeing them for DH who needs nice warm socks for work.

I did spin 2 lbs of roving up this week and -- made a scave for a little one at bus stop too.
I am really trying to keep to the 2 projects at a time-- one that is involved and requires some concentration and a 2nd to keep in car and for trips. Its not easy at the moment - these socks are really big and black, and have I mentioned BOOORRRRING!!

Going to get the 2nd one done as quickly as possible - then I plan on getting to work on finishing the Weekend sweater that is taking forever too. Remind me not to keep with big projects.
I did figure out last night that I have about 3.3 MILES of sock yarn. I am going to try to knit as many socks as possible this year.

Wish me luck.

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