Wednesday, March 28, 2007

March comes in like a Lion...and ate me....

Well, maybe that is not true, but it sure seems like it did. This month has been a bit of a strain. First we had son move out, which is a long story, but it happened. Then the washer decided it had enough of washing clothes. Did you know that they no longer put belts in washers?? What the heck?? I mean - lets make it so that the average person can't fix the dang thing so you have to buy a new one.
Then on a snowy morning DH was heading to work, and the car was clipped by a TruckDriver - who didn't stop and truely should have been a bit more careful on bad roads... we won't go on that rant... Thankfully DH was not hurt, however- the car(neon)..was..totaled. Dang it. So much for a good start to the month. Did I mention I turned 40 too??
Okay, so it should get better then right? Well, not exactly.
The Chevy was now the only car left, and due to being left out of the fun- it decided to have the water pump go. Oh yeah--- and the Hampster escaped too.
What a start.
On the bright side, We caught the hampster, had the chevy's water pump replaced, found a used Truck for Roy to purchase.
Then since the chevy is not in a really great shape at moment, and it doesn't quite fit my needs, we found a van for me. Thankfully the tax refund was enough to allow me to aquire it.
We also managed to get a new washer, and to recapture the hampster. So I think March may just go out like a Lamb.... or rather- maybe a Rabbit this year. Or how about 2??

Well I am excited here- I am getting 2 angora baby boys! So I guess the month isn't a total wash out. I have been spinning a huge amount, and I am so looking forward to getting some babys to play with - and shear for spinning too.

I havn't come up with names for them. So anyone have any suggestions? Leave me a comment. They are both litermates and are about 8 weeks old.