Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Cardiac Dr's need not apply.....

I love to cook, anyone who knows me I enjoy it alot. This summer when I found out I was diabetic I was devastated to think food was my enemy.

But I am now learning to work with it and live with moderation of my loves.

Tonight I decided to make a traditional Polish dish - Haluska.
I was on the phone talking to Opal when she mentioned I should show others what I was cooking....
This is the result - a tutorial of sorts on it.

So the first step I do is cook the bacon slowly.
Now most people don't add bacon to it,
but I love the added taste!

While the bacon is cooking I start water boiling and mix up the dough for the Spatzel, a form of homemade noodles common in German and Polish cooking.

I cook them, drizzling them into the boiling water and cooking until they come to the top and float.

Then I add the chopped cabbage to the water to slightly blanch it.

You can see the cabbage in the pot here.

I let the cabbage cook a bit in the pot,

Here you can see the bowl of the Spatzel after it is removed from the water and waits for a few moments before being added to the pan of bacon.

Once everything is ready- I add it all together with a 1/2 stick of butter.
(I told you no Cardiac Dr's allowed)

Add some salt and pepper... and yum. Wonderful good comfort food.


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Knitters Day Out.....WOW!!

Knitters Day Out was this past Saturday near Harrisburg Pa. I have to say I really look forward to it!
This year I had some restraint at the market, at least I tried a bit.
Its a total fiber fest there- a huge amount of vendors there and oh the selection! I did manage to keep my purchases down some - but when I saw this knit sack - well - lets just say it jumped into my hands- and off Carol from Mannings waist! Yes - I actually made her take it off to sell to me-- but it had roses on it, and anyone who knows me, knows that it was perfect and could not be passed up at all!
Here is picture proof:

Beautiful isn't it? The Roses are gorgeous! So far it has been used daily for the walk to bus stop with youngest, I am getting a lot of progress on my sock too!
Was definitely a good purchase!
I am also a history buff of sorts.....

I took a class from Beth Brown -Reinsel called Latvian Wristers. Now before you all comment and tell me there is no such thing as a Latvian wrister- let me put you at ease and tell you that it was a practice piece.
The history in this book is great as are the patterns, I am so glad that they have reprinted it!
Of course I can't leave anyplace without a bit of bling!
So I finally gave in and purchased these cute earrings!

have I said they are cute?? I just wish I could have gotten alot more of them in different colors!

So I mentioned the class on Latvian knitting ...

here is the result of my efforts. Its so much fun to do the various knitting techniques. I can't wait to use them in various ways.
The Other class I took was the Sideways Garter Stitch gloves from Jill Bigelow-Suttell.

Now I had attempted to make these once before but the little tricks she showed us... Well worth taking the class!

I got this little sample done to the last graftting of the side in class. That is less than 3 hours people!!

And I had to frog some.... So I think you could get alot of these done fast! Think Christmas Gifts!!

If you are interested in the pattern- go here! and ask for the Sideways Gloves!

I have more to share- but that shall wait for tomorrow!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Package from Hawaii

So a few weeks ago I offered to make some simple sewn bags for my dear friend, Opal, in Hawaii. She is a wonderful Island Girl who knits, spins and generally trys to keep me in line with my projects.

She ordered the fabric, and then shipped it here - with a "few other items" she assured me saying that most was for the family...

One of them was this little package all wrapped up in tissue paper -- I slowly unfurled it and found this gem....(my picture does not do it justice!)
I am in shock and Awe!! It is so soft and gossamer like - I think Opal has part goddess in her to make items like this!!
Oh yes- the fabric is in there - and I plan on making the items for her tomorrow from it, along with some Milk Chocolate Covered Caramel and Macadamia nuts, some macadamia nut cookies and a Hawaii calendar for 2008!!
She is sooo sweet!!