Thursday, August 23, 2007

Kraemer tour!

Wow - hard to believe it crept up so fast!
We had a great time yesterday as the knitting guild took a trip to Kraemer Textile Mill in Nazareth Pa. There were 10 of us that went- to the Mill. Wow is all I can say!
This is the Lab- where the magic begins- the Gentleman in the picture has been there for over 50 yrs! He is in charge of making the yarn blends that the customer wants.
Raw materials from Alpaca farmers---- wonder if one of those will fit in the van?
Bales of color- they do alot of blending with colors to get the final color needed.
As I debate on that we move to another wonderful machine-- the Carder! Okay- so I doupt that will fit into my van - but a couple of those bins would - I just know it - do you think they would notice??Where the yarn becomes a reality - the yarn comes to life here...

Then they are sent to be plyed or a Twister as they call it in the Mill.Then it gets wound from the bobbins to cones.....

Its an amazing tour- I highly recommend anyone who can make the drive to go! Gives us a much better understanding on how big of a process it is to make the yarn we all love to use!

Did I mention - that the Mill has been in operation for 100 yrs this year?!! WOW --- and they hope to stay in operation for next 100 too. If you haven't tried Kraemer yarns--- you need to! We left at 7 am and arrived back at about 7:30- tired and happy with lots of new yarns and ideas to work on! Although I didn't return with any of the roving - they do sell it, and I have used it in past to make some great yarns!
So ask your LYS to get some of the great yarns from them in - its one of the last mills left in USA and we need to keep it here!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Startitis.....sort of

So I have been working on the new sweater for Rochelle. She asked for one for her 5th grade year. I have the fronts done- and have the edging done on bottom of back now. Hopefully I will get it done before the 29th as she wants....But - I have a bug- Startitis. Its a horrible bug - so last night when I couldn't sleep - I started to play with the 4 colors for the mitered square jacket from SWTC. I am liking this for a take along project I think- as I have a 14 row pattern for the sweater and the chart for the socks..well- that makes sense right?
Doesn't it?
Oh well - off to do the errands- And will post more tonight!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Its that time again.....

The sky is getting darker earlier. The heat of the dog days of August are upon us. School shopping is in full swing...what does this mean to me??

Fall is coming!

Mind you - Its not that I dislike summer - I just hate the heat, and the humidity, and the bugs. I am not fond of sand, and the ocean on the eastern seaboard holds very little draw for me. I do however love the fresh produce.

Fall is coming though! The time to pull out the beautiful hand knits, and watch the colorful display of the Pennsylvania forests. And Knit, Spin, and repeat! Kids will be in school and I can focus on my spinning and getting ready for Bedford Fall Foliage that is coming in Oct.
I am always so excited with fall - and getting ready for winter.
I know - I am in a minority here, but the first snow fall - I have to dance a little!

On the health side- I am getting used to no Pepsi, No pigging out on sweet stuff, and watching my diet and exercise, and remembering to take the meds. Kait is now diagnosed as epileptic, and is on meds for that too, so the whole family is adjusting. Slowly.
Big problem I have is that all of the artificial sweetners are giving me migranes. So I am drinking water, milk, and more water.

Off to spin some more - Oh yeah - I am in Ravelry now too! Woo hooo! Which is also taking some time, but may actually keep me honest. I am currently working on 4 projects, but plan on getting through all of my Works in Progress before end of year. New years resolution will be to keep to 2 projects at a time.