Monday, August 13, 2007

Its that time again.....

The sky is getting darker earlier. The heat of the dog days of August are upon us. School shopping is in full swing...what does this mean to me??

Fall is coming!

Mind you - Its not that I dislike summer - I just hate the heat, and the humidity, and the bugs. I am not fond of sand, and the ocean on the eastern seaboard holds very little draw for me. I do however love the fresh produce.

Fall is coming though! The time to pull out the beautiful hand knits, and watch the colorful display of the Pennsylvania forests. And Knit, Spin, and repeat! Kids will be in school and I can focus on my spinning and getting ready for Bedford Fall Foliage that is coming in Oct.
I am always so excited with fall - and getting ready for winter.
I know - I am in a minority here, but the first snow fall - I have to dance a little!

On the health side- I am getting used to no Pepsi, No pigging out on sweet stuff, and watching my diet and exercise, and remembering to take the meds. Kait is now diagnosed as epileptic, and is on meds for that too, so the whole family is adjusting. Slowly.
Big problem I have is that all of the artificial sweetners are giving me migranes. So I am drinking water, milk, and more water.

Off to spin some more - Oh yeah - I am in Ravelry now too! Woo hooo! Which is also taking some time, but may actually keep me honest. I am currently working on 4 projects, but plan on getting through all of my Works in Progress before end of year. New years resolution will be to keep to 2 projects at a time.

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Jenni said...

Oh you have an Angora!! I have a dutch/rex mix...not much good for knitting but she's a great little house companion!