Saturday, May 24, 2008

Family Outing time!

So today we got a chance to go visit some fun places here in Central Pa, Historical places. The First stop was Bakers Mansion:This is a beautiful old Mansion that is open to public for tours. I really love visiting there, and seeing the items in it.
The next stop was a drive past here:

Bedford Springs Resort
, a newly renovated historical landmark in Bedford Pa. What a beautiful place, very ornate. Then we drove to Gravity Hill, to defy Gravity! At certain points you can put the car into neutral, and drift UP HILL! I kid you not, it was amazing to see and do.
On the way to the spot we saw these Belted Galloway Cows, otherwise called Oreo Cows. Of course I had to get a picture and they were ummm, not impressed at us. Of course I could be mistaken, but I think they were saying - oh man there is that crazy woman with that camera again!The final stop for the day was at a cirica1762 tavern for a really good meal, Jean Bonnet Tavern,
I can honestly say I am exhausted but had a great time with Opal, Roy, Rochelle, my brother , Bill,and his wife Jo, and daughters Melanie & Samantha; my sister, Karen and her kids, Kyle and Claire, and my Parents.
I so enjoy taking the trips like this, small fun times with others seeing things in the area. Will post more pictures of Bakers Mansion in a while. I have been working on the flirty tank some, almost time to divide it for the front and back.
Have a great Memorial Day - and spend it with family if you can!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mothers Day and More Md!

Happy Mothers Day!
As promised I have more pictures of items from Md today. The first is my Birthday/Mothers Day present:

A Golding spindle - yeah My Husband is a wonderful guy who totally gets my love of fibers and pretty things. This fills the bill perfectly! Look at the side view:
Tom Golding is a wonderful guy! So having bought a new spindle, I needed something to spin on it- I found just the perfect fiber:Its great to spin. Not sure what it wants to be yet, maybe some socks I am thinking.
This was the next fiber purchase. I almost didn't get anything from them as the selection is so overwhelming! Until I noticed the name of this colorway - Carla. Since my best friend is named that, and the colorway does have her signature green going through it, I had to buy all they had left. So now I have 4 ounces of this gorgeous shetland. It is screaming "SHAWL"
I got to help at the fleece sale again, its my favorite place to volunteer. I think we all had a bit of a shock when this fleece showed up. . .
Yeah that says 405.00!! The color was phenomenal, but I fear it went back home with the breeder. I did look on Saturday, it had not won any ribbons in the show. Which makes one wonder why it was priced that way. I do want to point out that the breeder who submits the fleece is the one who sets the price. It was beautiful, but way out of my price range. I did pet it alot while helping others choose.
This is a gorgeous Romney fleece that I almost came home with. It really cried and wanted to, but I was good, and split a fleece with Carole. We each came home with aprox 2.5 lbs of a corriedale fleece in about the same colorway. I have some already washed and hope to get to spin some this week.

This week coming is going to be busy as ever though, as the shop I work at is moving!! Victoria's House of Needlearts is changing its name and moving to a new location:So soon we will be open at the new location. Hope to see you all there!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Md Sheep and Wool - the begining

I have a feeling most blogs are full of posts about Md at this point. Well this one will be no diffrent.
I am a total Md Sheep and Wool lover.
Its my Mecca.
On Sat am I got there early to get a good spot,
Yeah this is a good spot to park, see how empty everything is?
We only walked out that opening in the fence and boom - there is the gate. How perfect is that?
As you see this early its easy to walk in , NO CROWDS!!

This was a very rare site because in a short time later , that same parking lot looks like this:
A bit of a crowd , trying to get a picture of it all was hard.
There was even a packed bus lot!
It was a total great time to be with my "people". I so enjoyed the booths and vendors. The crowd was a wonderful mix of people of all ages.
The yarns were so pretty , and tempting at every turn.And ohhh the spindles. I am so in love with Spindles!

I don't want you overwhelmed, so I shall stop here. I promise to show you more tomorrow!