Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Md Sheep and Wool - the begining

I have a feeling most blogs are full of posts about Md at this point. Well this one will be no diffrent.
I am a total Md Sheep and Wool lover.
Its my Mecca.
On Sat am I got there early to get a good spot,
Yeah this is a good spot to park, see how empty everything is?
We only walked out that opening in the fence and boom - there is the gate. How perfect is that?
As you see this early its easy to walk in , NO CROWDS!!

This was a very rare site because in a short time later , that same parking lot looks like this:
A bit of a crowd , trying to get a picture of it all was hard.
There was even a packed bus lot!
It was a total great time to be with my "people". I so enjoyed the booths and vendors. The crowd was a wonderful mix of people of all ages.
The yarns were so pretty , and tempting at every turn.And ohhh the spindles. I am so in love with Spindles!

I don't want you overwhelmed, so I shall stop here. I promise to show you more tomorrow!

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Opal said...

we had such a good time. i really want to do this again next year. we need a lottery in hawaii.