Thursday, June 28, 2007


So who is the one who said Summer is a slow time????
I have been running more now than when the kids were in school -- dang it!
I have been making progress on my socks...

First- I finished a pair of Pomatomus socks in Socks that Rock Silky yarn,

Then I started to feel guilty - as I have 2 socks without mates yet... so Here are the 2 singles:

First - the Moorish Lattice sock in Trekking

Then there is the Blueberry Waffle pattern in Tofutsies Pink colorway:

Feeling guilty I started the Moorish Lattice mate and currently have about 1 repeat done on it. as soon as I finish- I will do the Pink mate--- then I will be up to 5 pairs for the year!!
Hoping to get it all done by July 10th--- any bets???

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Craft room here I come

So several weeks ago I promised some pictures of my craft room rearranging. Today I finally got started on it. . .

The shelves will certainly take several days. . .
The storage bin corner also will take a bit yet. . .
These are really helpful to see what I have on hand here of my yarns. . .
Will try to get more as I go!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Whew!! Finally got a pic or two...

So I have been promising some pictures, and here goes:

Last Friday I started this Mock Turtleneck Shell pattern by Sarah James, this time being made in a Tatamy Tweed yarn in the Birch color way.
Well I finished it last night. This pattern is great - knits fast and fits great.

So what is next to jump on the needles? Some great Ladera yarn from Wool in the Woods in a light colorway! I am using a old pattern from a magazine that is no longer in print I am sad to say. This pattern is not really named either - so it goes by the call of Seed stitch pullover. Boring!!
The pattern is easy to work - started last night and look at how it is working up!

Stay tuned- as I get better with the camera - I will be taking more pictures... of course - someday I may have to return this camera to Kait... but we won't mention that yet.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

we interupt this blog ......

Okay, so if you haven't already realized I have been extremely lax in my posting- well what can I say?
I am a bad blogger.

But I have been busy. I have been over scheduling myself way more than normal. What was I thinking??? I had a Spinning Demo scheduled for the same night and time as Dress Rehersal for the Dance Recital! Total craziness. Suffice it to say when I finally got to the Rehersal - and walked through the door I was greeted with a young child running in a outfit best described as cinderella's with the whole kercheif over her head and a broom, who was saying her Daddy-O was yelling at her. No it did not get better. Did I mention I tried to sign up for a sock class too that night?? Do you think it was a subconscious cry for escape???
Oh yes- it was a full moon to boot!

On the needles--- I have finished 1 - 5 hour baby sweater for my cousin's baby, and a white set - consisting of 1- 5 hour baby sweater, the matching hat and this dress. Its done. I also have cast on and have almost the whole back of the mock Turtleneck shell by Sarah James.
Of course part of the reason I have so much done on it- is the fact I had a dizzy spell last Thursday night - slight touch of vertigo they say. All I know is that I was dizzy and it was not due to drinking. But I have Knitting to show for it!!

Today I started spinning again - using the wheel and not just in my head- man does it feel great to spin.
Tomorrow - I plan to get pictures of the stuff I want to blog about, so if that is enough to get your intrest- stay tuned!