Friday, July 27, 2007

end of the Chevy......

so there was a wreck last night..

this is what is left of the car--- they say its totaled 3 X's least...

Thank goodness a Guardian Angel was with my baby girl....

and all she got was this..

and a headache.


Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Well - Its official. I am a diabetic.
Double Dang.
That is the news so far. So I am on the Mediterranean diet. That is a yummy one! I can do that!
Exercise--- well I shall work harder at that too, and hopefully loose some weight.

On the up side- It will not affect my spinning or knitting!! Double Yeah for me!!

I currently have a new project on the needles- a blue sweater for Rochelle. So will get pics of it soon for you all to see. I did finish the Pink socks - and Kait reports they are "Very Comfy!"
So things are moving along. I have the 3rd clue of the MS3 done. 2 repeats on a pair of Fawkes sock pattern in the firebird Socks that Rock club color. Its really pretty.
Still stuck on the Moorish Lattice sock though. Dang thing.

Oh - And---- I have started to spin the yarn for the 12 days of Christmas sweater that my Eldest Zusje purchased for me. So I think in 2 weeks i will begin dyeing up the yarn for it. Then start the knitting.
Wish me luck!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

New Grand.....Child??

Welcome Skippy Kitty!

Okay so its not a child - but a 4 legged kind.

He is Kait's new man....

Thursday, July 19, 2007

just keep spinning.....

Yep that is what I am doing-- spinning and spinning...

Spinning is great - it gives me time to think, to ponder, to dwell on the things important to me. Like fiber, and food.

I admit it - I am not a summer person- I rather like putting on layers of clothes, especially the wonderful hand knit items. Summer for me is just a bit too warm. Thankfully today in Penn's woods we are to get a break from the hot humid weather - for the weekend. Then look out!
They are predicting a heat wave.
Which begs the question- how come they can get the snow storms all wrong- but the heat all right?? Seriously! I love the days when we don't hit the high they call for. Yes I know I am strange in this aspect. I love the cold weather- and curling up in front of a fire with my knitting and a hot cup of tea is a wonderful time to me.
I am thankful we put air conditioning in the house a few years ago. For those not in this area - its not standard to do to a house. But then again - we normally do not get many days over 90 a year. Which suits me fine.
Cooler weather is coming though, I keep hoping - Summer is almost half way over - that means some great fall weather- cool days- great fall colors. Produce piled high at the farmers markets.

Times I am looking forward to.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

time to shear...

It has gotten warm, and the boys are nice and fluffy- what is a spinner to do?? SHEAR!!
So here are some pics of my boys :
First I give you the pic of Steamy contemplating the whole idea.. in full coat:
Now I give you 3 hours latter the pic of Dreamy - who was first in line for the scissors this time...
ACKKK - Naked Bunnie!! LOL
He is really cute and sweet though..
Even if he is giving me a weary eye at this point. I do have to say he was very very good - and oh so loveable! I just have to laugh at how diffrent he looks now from before! Soon- Steamy will be getting the shear - probably tomorrow!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Tired a bit....

Its Monday- I have been busy today. I managed to ply up 4 skeins, got my errands to the farms in Sinking Valley done, and then did a bit of dyeing.
This week looks to be a bit fun - Tomorrow night I get to help at Victoria's for a customer Appreciation sale! Notice I said night, well that is because it will be held durring the Pajama Party at Meadows from 10 pm to 1 am!
I am looking forward to the fun and then of course Weds will be the 4th of July! Sunday will be the Stitch N' Pitch in Pittsburgh which promises to be a fun time- I will be there knitting in hand.
Will have pics tomorrow!