Thursday, August 28, 2008

Why its Pink - of Course!

The past week has been somewhat of a blur, as I had a small bump in the road with a minor surgery. Thankfully I am healing now and I did manage to get some things done. Dh took the time off to stay home and keep me from getting up on a chair and hanging wall paper border. It really worked out as he had vacation this week.
So I took the time to knit. Now understand, it took me ALL DAY to get 13 row of 50 stitches in ribbing done after the surgery, but I was determined.
I finished DH's Sweater today and it is on its way to be entered in the Cambria County Fair this that is running this coming week.
Rochelle was after a tween style room, so after the past few weeks, we had a bit of fun and finished her room.
Its Pink, with some blue as you can see:
We think it turned out great, she got surprised with it.
Now to keep on knitting, I have a wallaby on the needles now thanks to my dear friend Nancy who is a horrible Enabler. Its also for Rochelle and is also matching her room. In what color? Pink of course!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What do you mean its August already?????

Okay, so somehow I missed the entire end of last month. Put it down to being busy around here. I did get some things done:

First I give you the Undulating Waves Scarf in Schaefer Heather:
This was a fun scarf to knit, and the pattern is addictive. But I did manage to finish the first one in a week. I love how the beads lay in the yarn overs.
Being smitten then with beads I quickly cast on another beaded project:
This is the beaded shawlette, and although this picture does not show the beads very well, they are there. Thanks to my dear friend Carla, who took this item and the Dainty baby sweater to Bedford County Fair - I actually have gotten my first ever ribbons! I got a 2nd for the shawl, and took a 1st for the baby sweater!
I have to admit, I am now smitten with the fair bug, so have plans to enter the Cambria County Fair and the Hollidaysburg Farm Show also this year.
On the needles: I have Roy's sweater. I did get the back done, and I am doing pretty well on the front so far. I finished a pair of socks, and have another on the needles. Sad to say I just haven't kept up with the summer of socks like I planned. Hope to do better next year.
I have been doing some spinning, and will be getting pictures and putting up new stuff in my Etsy shop this week.
With all the rush of the past weeks, I am actually looking forward to school starting and things to slow down. Roy and I went to the Toy's for Tots Poker Run, to help, and the guys managed to raise 5k on that! Way to go!!
So hopefully I will keep updated here more. Thank goodness Fall is coming- oh wait- does that mean Christmas is not that far??