Thursday, August 28, 2008

Why its Pink - of Course!

The past week has been somewhat of a blur, as I had a small bump in the road with a minor surgery. Thankfully I am healing now and I did manage to get some things done. Dh took the time off to stay home and keep me from getting up on a chair and hanging wall paper border. It really worked out as he had vacation this week.
So I took the time to knit. Now understand, it took me ALL DAY to get 13 row of 50 stitches in ribbing done after the surgery, but I was determined.
I finished DH's Sweater today and it is on its way to be entered in the Cambria County Fair this that is running this coming week.
Rochelle was after a tween style room, so after the past few weeks, we had a bit of fun and finished her room.
Its Pink, with some blue as you can see:
We think it turned out great, she got surprised with it.
Now to keep on knitting, I have a wallaby on the needles now thanks to my dear friend Nancy who is a horrible Enabler. Its also for Rochelle and is also matching her room. In what color? Pink of course!

4 comments: said...

Simply Beautiful!!! You did a great job! As ususal! Huggs Marion

Opal said...

I love what you did for Rochelle's room!

MystickLobo said...

Great job on Rochelle's room! I love the way you did the canopy for her bed.

Holly said...

Wow. Rochelle's room is beautiful. You can decorate for me any day!