Thursday, November 29, 2007

Christmas knitting

I am working on Christmas presents - so unfortunately I can't show anything here in case my family actually checks my blog. (this is highly unlikely but I just can't take a chance)
So I was thinking of ways of making money quick. (would love to get lots of presents for everyone)

I may have hit on a great idea:
Knitted Fair Ilse Ski masks targeted towards thieves.

Yep that is what I came up with.
I can hear the news cast now --

"and this evening the bandit was sporting a stunning hand knit fair isle ski mask with matching pistol cosy and gloves. The ensamble was completed by the beautiful cable knit loot bag..."

That is my great idea for the day.

Off to knit again.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Snow in the mountains....

So this am I was on my way to get some milk from the dairy and this is the sight before me as we went up the mountain:
Yep it has snowed. Which of course was cause for Dh to say his normal complaints about the snow. I tried to point out that it was not laying on the road and therefore he did not have to shovel it.... But that didn't seem to go very well. So instead I amused myself by snaping pictures of the forest as we drove.
Apparently he finally decided to give in to my insanity and stopped the vehicle to allow me to snap this picture of the reservoir.
And then another of this bush that just looked so pretty just dusted with the wet snow.
Doesn't that just make you want to sit inside by a nice hot fire and Knit??

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Hunting Season

Its getting cooler here in Pennsylvania. Hunting season is upon us.
Every year at this time I somehow start to miss my Grandmother Becker more and more. She was a wonderful woman, and always was working on something, be it a knitted dishcloth, or a sewing project. Every year I received 2 night gowns (the boys got pj's)from her - one in spring out of cotton, and one in fall out of a flannel. While that may not sound like much- you have to understand, I was one of many Grandchildren they had, so it was a huge amount of sewing.
I can also remember the knitted socks she made for the guys in the family who hunted. They were grey with red cuff, heels, and toes. I can still see her sitting in her chair, knitting and watching Julia Child cook.
Last year Daddy asked me to make him a pair of Gauntlets, as the pair he had from his Mother was getting old and tattered. My Mom gave me the tattered pair and I got to hold a item that I am sure to Gram was just another small thing she made. It makes me feel as if she is still here to hold them.
I went to my LYS and found a ball of Kraemer Yarn, Summit Hill. Sitting at home I measured Grams gauge and then set about swatching to get it with this yarn I had chose. Dad was happy to have another pair. Somehow, though, they got misplaced when he was hunting.
My Mom, ever mindful of what Daddy needs - asked me to make another pair. Somehow - this month has gotten away from me and on Thurs I realized he might need them for bear season which starts on Monday! So Thurs night while I was at a fund raiser Bingo game, I cast on for the new pair. I worked on them most of that evening, and then finished the first on Friday morning and started the 2nd one. Last night I finished it up while at my regular Knit Night at the LYS.
Today I delivered them to my Dad before he left for Bear Camp. When I got home I added them to my Ravelry project list, and realized - I should share the project with others. Opal encouraged me to write it down.... so here it is-- I am going to post it here in case you are not in Ravelry yet. (if not why not?? before you cast on for this- go and sign up!!)
Grammy's Gauntlets
Yarn used: Kraemer Yarns Summit Hill Greenstone
Needles: Size 3 DPN's
gauge : 5 stitches to an inch over ribbing.
Size: Fits most
Cast on 48
Join in round being careful not to twist.
K2 P2 around for 11 inches.
Cast off loosely.

These have no thumb holes, and are just slipped on the wrist and over the fingers.


Thursday, November 08, 2007

I can't keep quiet any more!!!!!!

So time is fast slipping away - and while the camera has been found I have been slow at getting pictures taken due to being so busy - I barely have time to stop.
But I wanted to post some things:
First -- A HUGE CONGRATS!! Goes out to Judy- she WON FIRST PRIZE!! in the Kraemer Textiles design contest. So keep a eye out for the pattern to be up on the Kraemer site under free patterns!
The beautiful sweater is being worn by Judy herself and her beautiful German Shepherd Elsa, who sadly passed away unexpectedly on Oct 7 2007 in front of her.

Elsa will be so dearly missed, and we are contacting Kraemer to see if the sweater can be renamed Elsa in honor of her.

Stay tuned for more on this.

Secondly - I also wanted to show you some beautiful new yarns available at Victoria's House of Needlearts. I am a bit proud of them - they are one of the things I have been working on so much lately - but I can't begin to take all the credit! You see - Judy, and Carla are my partners in crime with this - and our new company - Tadpoles For Ewe - is a labor of love.

So here are some pics of the Pedicure Shimmer - a beautiful yarn in 5 colors...

The colorways are from left to right:
Lily Pad
& Beaver Dam

The Pedicure Shimmer has a bit of sterling silver running through the silk/ super-wash merino/ nylon blend going through it - beautifully set off by the semi-solid colors....
Each skein holds 420 yards and is fingering weight - good for a pair of socks- or a beautiful shawl! ( retail- 28.00)
We also have a matching solid yarn -Pedicures- without the silver thread in it.
This yarn is superwassh merino and nylon blend in fingering/sock weight also. It has 420 yrds and each skein will make a pair of socks easy!

Colorways are the same as for shimmer:
from left to right -
Beaver Dam
Lily Pad
& Dragonfly
(retail - 24.00)
These will make beautiful gifts for your favorite Knitter for Christmas!!

So now the secret is out - and hurry if you are interested in it - a fresh batch of Shimmer is heading to the shop on Friday- but it probably will not last long - so get any orders in fast!!