Monday, November 19, 2007

Snow in the mountains....

So this am I was on my way to get some milk from the dairy and this is the sight before me as we went up the mountain:
Yep it has snowed. Which of course was cause for Dh to say his normal complaints about the snow. I tried to point out that it was not laying on the road and therefore he did not have to shovel it.... But that didn't seem to go very well. So instead I amused myself by snaping pictures of the forest as we drove.
Apparently he finally decided to give in to my insanity and stopped the vehicle to allow me to snap this picture of the reservoir.
And then another of this bush that just looked so pretty just dusted with the wet snow.
Doesn't that just make you want to sit inside by a nice hot fire and Knit??


Opal said...

I would love to sit by the window and knit as I stare out at all that lovely snow. *sigh* I'll just sit here and knit while looking at your lovely pictures instead. ;-)

Aim said...

Those pics are really lovely! I finally decided to love the winter here in the great lakes, and am taking photos. This is a good year to love it, as it has been snowing more frequently this month than it did all last winter!

P.S. Shell, I tag you for a music meme (for after the holidays!) See my blog :)