Thursday, July 27, 2006

Count time!

Okay I need to get a current count of the yarns I have here for the Show in Oct.
Sooo the count for today is 63 skeins at the moment.

Not too bad, but heck I really need to get my butt moving on this! So I am going to work on at least 2 bobbins of singles a day or more. and at least 1 plyed yarn a day.
I would like to have about 300 or more skeins to take to Bedford Fall foliage in October. I got some Romney cross roving about a week and half ago- and working through it at moment. Once I get it done, I will work on some angora, then do some angora blends.
I also have a order for some yarn for a friend who is making some kilt stockings. So need to get that done too.
Do you think I have enough to do yet? I also started a pair of Socks for Soldiers, and working on some socks for me too. Then there is the canning I hve been doing, and finally, a few shawls too on the needles.
Well- best get working!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Finished Objects!!

Well- I have finished Rochelles cardigan. She chose the buttons too ( chose pattern, and yarn also). The buttons she chose are small pencil sharpeners, and small pencils lol.

This is the german heel from Weldon's sock knitting book in 1880's. The yarn is Sock That Rock country coblestone. Its the heavy weight - I like how it worked up though.

I have also been spinning, and canning too. will get pics of yarn and canning done tomorrow.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Oh dear - where did the week go??

Well, got distracted for a bit - on the Mystery Stole 2006!
Right now I have the first 50 rows of the first side done, and I am up to the 23rd row on the 2nd side.
I don't think I will be able to finish the second set of 50 by tomorrow am when the new clue comes out.

I am using some Zephyr in lilac for this- and will post pics as soon as I get the 2nd half done. I got Rochelles cardigan done to the button bands- now if I can get her to take it off- I will finish it! I have been spinning up a bunch and dyed up 5 new skeins this week.
Its really hot and humid out and I HATE IT! Thank goodness for Air Conditioning!! Next week is to be worse! YUCK --- DOUBLE YUCK!
Knit Knut Blair County Knitting Guild had our yearly breakfast meeting - only 5 of us there dang it. But we had fun I think. We will get to go visit Kraemer yarns in August. Should be fun!
Oh -- Got a call from my BIL- I have a great Neice! She was born today, a bit earlier than intended - but she and her Mom are fine.
So now tomorrow's game plan- go to Carla's - get some great Pink baby yarn to make a pretty baby dress for new baby, and let Rochelle pick out her buttons for her cardigan.
Of course I am also going to work on the Mystery stole 2006 too!!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Shearing day!

Yesterday I went with my Dad to help shear some sheep! Isn
't he a wonderful guy? There were 8 sheep sheared in all - and some sure gave us a run for our money. The fleece looks to be a sulfolk cross- great for socks!!

It was a bit warm yesterday- so we sheared in the old milking area, with a fan running in background for us!

There is a great picture of Daddy as he helps to keep the fresh shorn fleece away from the shearers way. Jim, the Shearer did a wonderful job!!

I really enjoyed this - wish we had room for sheep too! But well- I have 1 of the fleeces washed up already- and have been working on getting yarns done - so I guess I am busy enough!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th Of July!!

Happy 4th to all who celebrate it!
Today looks to be a quiet one here. Youngest is away with her dad at the shore - and Middle child is going out with friends for the day - so DH and I are here alone.

On Saterday- I did a huge basket of carded batts with help of the Monster. I really need to find a name for this beast- but for now - she is the Monster!

I shall be working on some yarns today - want to wash up the 3 skeins that are done at moment, and get them ready to dye up.
So, guess I should get busy!
Have a wonderful 4th!