Thursday, July 27, 2006

Count time!

Okay I need to get a current count of the yarns I have here for the Show in Oct.
Sooo the count for today is 63 skeins at the moment.

Not too bad, but heck I really need to get my butt moving on this! So I am going to work on at least 2 bobbins of singles a day or more. and at least 1 plyed yarn a day.
I would like to have about 300 or more skeins to take to Bedford Fall foliage in October. I got some Romney cross roving about a week and half ago- and working through it at moment. Once I get it done, I will work on some angora, then do some angora blends.
I also have a order for some yarn for a friend who is making some kilt stockings. So need to get that done too.
Do you think I have enough to do yet? I also started a pair of Socks for Soldiers, and working on some socks for me too. Then there is the canning I hve been doing, and finally, a few shawls too on the needles.
Well- best get working!

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