Thursday, July 13, 2006

Oh dear - where did the week go??

Well, got distracted for a bit - on the Mystery Stole 2006!
Right now I have the first 50 rows of the first side done, and I am up to the 23rd row on the 2nd side.
I don't think I will be able to finish the second set of 50 by tomorrow am when the new clue comes out.

I am using some Zephyr in lilac for this- and will post pics as soon as I get the 2nd half done. I got Rochelles cardigan done to the button bands- now if I can get her to take it off- I will finish it! I have been spinning up a bunch and dyed up 5 new skeins this week.
Its really hot and humid out and I HATE IT! Thank goodness for Air Conditioning!! Next week is to be worse! YUCK --- DOUBLE YUCK!
Knit Knut Blair County Knitting Guild had our yearly breakfast meeting - only 5 of us there dang it. But we had fun I think. We will get to go visit Kraemer yarns in August. Should be fun!
Oh -- Got a call from my BIL- I have a great Neice! She was born today, a bit earlier than intended - but she and her Mom are fine.
So now tomorrow's game plan- go to Carla's - get some great Pink baby yarn to make a pretty baby dress for new baby, and let Rochelle pick out her buttons for her cardigan.
Of course I am also going to work on the Mystery stole 2006 too!!

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