Saturday, October 20, 2007

Dang Camera

Okay so I have alot of pics I want to show you - but dang it I can't find the silly universal port to upload them to the puter. Silly thing grew legs and wandered off someplace.

So I guess you will all have to wait to see the pictures.

On one note- I did a demo yesterday at a school about 50 miles away. It was not a great time for me, it was raining, and did not seem very organized. Maybe it is due to me feeling a bit run down, but I really wasn't into it.

Anyhow - today is my sisters housewarming and Halloween party, Dh has talked me into wearing a costume (I am not a halloween person), so I will be dressed for it. I just hope they all understand that this Vampiress will not have her teeth showing, and has to be knitting, or things will get ugly.

This past week I have started a baby Blanket, its a mindless project which is nice. I was going to do a slipped stitch pattern, but it didn't seem to show up well. Sooo I frogged it, and started a simple basket weave pattern which is turning out much better.

I also got started on a pair of socks, I am using the Rococo pattern and doing it in Cotton Candy colorway in lightweight Socks That Rock yarn. It looks good so far, the pattern is great and I am enjoying it. I have about 6 1/2 inches done on the toe so far.

Fall Foliage went okay this year - the heat during the first weekend was way too much for most people to think about buying stuff. The second weekend was much better.