Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Well - Its official. I am a diabetic.
Double Dang.
That is the news so far. So I am on the Mediterranean diet. That is a yummy one! I can do that!
Exercise--- well I shall work harder at that too, and hopefully loose some weight.

On the up side- It will not affect my spinning or knitting!! Double Yeah for me!!

I currently have a new project on the needles- a blue sweater for Rochelle. So will get pics of it soon for you all to see. I did finish the Pink socks - and Kait reports they are "Very Comfy!"
So things are moving along. I have the 3rd clue of the MS3 done. 2 repeats on a pair of Fawkes sock pattern in the firebird Socks that Rock club color. Its really pretty.
Still stuck on the Moorish Lattice sock though. Dang thing.

Oh - And---- I have started to spin the yarn for the 12 days of Christmas sweater that my Eldest Zusje purchased for me. So I think in 2 weeks i will begin dyeing up the yarn for it. Then start the knitting.
Wish me luck!

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Deborah said...

I'm sorry about the diabetes. It is heavy in my family too. What is the Meditteranean diet?