Monday, July 02, 2007

Tired a bit....

Its Monday- I have been busy today. I managed to ply up 4 skeins, got my errands to the farms in Sinking Valley done, and then did a bit of dyeing.
This week looks to be a bit fun - Tomorrow night I get to help at Victoria's for a customer Appreciation sale! Notice I said night, well that is because it will be held durring the Pajama Party at Meadows from 10 pm to 1 am!
I am looking forward to the fun and then of course Weds will be the 4th of July! Sunday will be the Stitch N' Pitch in Pittsburgh which promises to be a fun time- I will be there knitting in hand.
Will have pics tomorrow!

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Opal said...

A "bit of dyeing"? 27 skeins is a "bit"?! Ha! You are a mad fibre dervish!