Thursday, June 28, 2007


So who is the one who said Summer is a slow time????
I have been running more now than when the kids were in school -- dang it!
I have been making progress on my socks...

First- I finished a pair of Pomatomus socks in Socks that Rock Silky yarn,

Then I started to feel guilty - as I have 2 socks without mates yet... so Here are the 2 singles:

First - the Moorish Lattice sock in Trekking

Then there is the Blueberry Waffle pattern in Tofutsies Pink colorway:

Feeling guilty I started the Moorish Lattice mate and currently have about 1 repeat done on it. as soon as I finish- I will do the Pink mate--- then I will be up to 5 pairs for the year!!
Hoping to get it all done by July 10th--- any bets???

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Opal said...

Beautiful socks!