Monday, April 28, 2008

Airing of the Stash!

I have been hard at work here - doing some spring cleaning in anticipation of Opal's arrival tomorrow. Can we say I am excited???
I also decided to air my stash so to speak, as you can see below.
Yeah that is supposed to be my yard in the center there - thanks to the pups that is all I have left,So there is a small amount of it on the line at moment...
Confession time - I saw a moth! Now I don't actually think it was a wool moth - but to be sure - I am taking no chances. Stash was quickly put into a plastic bins, complete with a new box of moth balls ( YUCK - I hate these but when faced with the loss of stash - lets just say I will do what is necessary!) in each, and taped shut.
Several days later- I opened the boxes (outside of course), and have been airing the yarn out. None of this will return to stash until it has been put into hanks, washed in 140 degree water, dried, aired again, and put back into center pull balls.
Yeah I am taking no chances. Anything suspect is being tossed, and YES - it was the stash from my ceder lined closet that is out here.

Now most neighbors would be confused by my strange clothesline, but no fear, my neighbors are well aware I am crazy. They are used to seeing various colored fibers floating away as I card batts, strange array of colored fibers sticking out of birds and squirrel nests in area (the theives!), and yarns. So this didn't even warrent a comment from them.

On a better note , I have a new toy at the moment...

Can you believe I found this baby at a Yard Sale?!?! I won't even go into the price I paid - lets just say it was a steal!! This wheel is complete too - look!!The spindle has a matching turned dowel cap. As you can see I have a drive band on her- and have spun on it, well actually you can't see as the spindle break is in the way - and it spins very fine too. I am pleased to say the least.

Can you believe that I got her right before MD Sheep and Wool??? I am sure I shall be very busy this week with Opals visit, so will try to post some of the excitement.
She will arrive tomorrow at Pittsburgh, and will have a fun time. We are planning on stopping at Panera Bread for lunch, then coming home. Tuesday night she will get to attend a Basket Bingo for Relay for Life. She will even get to try Haluska too!
Should be fun!


Mommabear said...

Wow hope there are none of the pesky critters left! and they were not wool moths! Huggs marion

Opal said...

Holy crap! That's a lot of yarn!

Beautiful wheel. Can't wait to be there! :)