Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Piecing sweaters, Flu , & meds - do not mix!

So the past week has had me down and out with the flu. This was something I had tried to avoid this year- as I really don't have time to deal with being exhausted for a week or more at a time. I had even broke down and gotten a flu shot this year.
Yeah. That helped alot.
Apparently this years flu, for anyone who has been in a cave for the past few months, was not the one the shot was to prevent. Duhhhh.
So I was stricken, smack dab in the middle of a busy week. The cough, sniffles, headache. . . . you get the idea. Saturday was one of the worst days - energy wise.
Now anyone who knows me knows I rarely can sit still, and even when sick - I still have the urge to do something. Add to the frustration that it was a Holiday weekend - well I was doubly frustrated.

So it was not surprising when I retreated to the bedroom with the vaporizer and my Ribbed Collared Cardigan that was in need of being put together.

Someone should have stopped me.

Instead in my stuffed head and vapor filled room I started to assemble the sweater. When one is sick they are often a bit delusional - as in "directions?? who needs directions???" is often a phrase heard. Often by ill Knitters who have the strange thought they can assemble things without referencing the directions.

If you are squeemish at assembly semi- disasters - stop reading now.

Okay - so in my defense - I did start very slow and very carefully. I seamed most of the evening until I fell asleep. Sunday was spent sleeping, and supervising trying to get Easter food together.
Monday I finally felt clear enough in the head to pick up the pieces of the cardigan again. This time I picked up the pattern and refered to it. In my degraded cognitive state i had sewn the side seams - not the shoulder seams - first. Dang.

I mentioned it to Dh - and his reply was - "so you are going to rip it out?"
I pointed to the sweater piece and asked - can you see where the seam is?
(you will see the pic when I find the camera cable ---- don't ask)

Ummmm - no.

I did such a very good job at seaming the side and hiding the ends --- even I can't really find the ends.
I really should be kept away from knitting when sick. So now I am still working on the assembly of it - backwards but working on it.

In the future though - if you hear I am sick - and have a knitting project to assemble --- please remove it and any yarn needles from my immediate area.

I will thank you later for it.

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Opal said...

Ouch. I hope it works out for you!