Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Cardiac Dr's need not apply.....

I love to cook, anyone who knows me I enjoy it alot. This summer when I found out I was diabetic I was devastated to think food was my enemy.

But I am now learning to work with it and live with moderation of my loves.

Tonight I decided to make a traditional Polish dish - Haluska.
I was on the phone talking to Opal when she mentioned I should show others what I was cooking....
This is the result - a tutorial of sorts on it.

So the first step I do is cook the bacon slowly.
Now most people don't add bacon to it,
but I love the added taste!

While the bacon is cooking I start water boiling and mix up the dough for the Spatzel, a form of homemade noodles common in German and Polish cooking.

I cook them, drizzling them into the boiling water and cooking until they come to the top and float.

Then I add the chopped cabbage to the water to slightly blanch it.

You can see the cabbage in the pot here.

I let the cabbage cook a bit in the pot,

Here you can see the bowl of the Spatzel after it is removed from the water and waits for a few moments before being added to the pan of bacon.

Once everything is ready- I add it all together with a 1/2 stick of butter.
(I told you no Cardiac Dr's allowed)

Add some salt and pepper... and yum. Wonderful good comfort food.



Opal said...

that looks delicious!

Aim said...

ummm, yummy! sounds very interesting.

P.S. The diabetic diet is much like the Atkins diet, and really is a healthy way to go!!! Being a vegetarian for the past year, I can't seem to get used to all the carbs on my plate.... ;o)

James~ClosetCreature said...

sounds yummy!!!

If I come over can you make it for me???