Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Knitters Day Out.....WOW!!

Knitters Day Out was this past Saturday near Harrisburg Pa. I have to say I really look forward to it!
This year I had some restraint at the market, at least I tried a bit.
Its a total fiber fest there- a huge amount of vendors there and oh the selection! I did manage to keep my purchases down some - but when I saw this knit sack - well - lets just say it jumped into my hands- and off Carol from Mannings waist! Yes - I actually made her take it off to sell to me-- but it had roses on it, and anyone who knows me, knows that it was perfect and could not be passed up at all!
Here is picture proof:

Beautiful isn't it? The Roses are gorgeous! So far it has been used daily for the walk to bus stop with youngest, I am getting a lot of progress on my sock too!
Was definitely a good purchase!
I am also a history buff of sorts.....

I took a class from Beth Brown -Reinsel called Latvian Wristers. Now before you all comment and tell me there is no such thing as a Latvian wrister- let me put you at ease and tell you that it was a practice piece.
The history in this book is great as are the patterns, I am so glad that they have reprinted it!
Of course I can't leave anyplace without a bit of bling!
So I finally gave in and purchased these cute earrings!

have I said they are cute?? I just wish I could have gotten alot more of them in different colors!

So I mentioned the class on Latvian knitting ...

here is the result of my efforts. Its so much fun to do the various knitting techniques. I can't wait to use them in various ways.
The Other class I took was the Sideways Garter Stitch gloves from Jill Bigelow-Suttell.

Now I had attempted to make these once before but the little tricks she showed us... Well worth taking the class!

I got this little sample done to the last graftting of the side in class. That is less than 3 hours people!!

And I had to frog some.... So I think you could get alot of these done fast! Think Christmas Gifts!!

If you are interested in the pattern- go here! and ask for the Sideways Gloves!

I have more to share- but that shall wait for tomorrow!

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Opal said...

Great swag! Sounds like a spectacularly fun day. :-)