Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas - and the ott-lite saga continues

Wow this week flew.....
I got a call from the manager at JoAnn's here in town - seems they sent the gift card to some strange address here - it was the right town - but other than that - even the zip was wrong .... hrm.....
For some reason I am doubting that they ever sent it.
Supposedly they are to send it out again this week to the correct address..... only time will tell.

On the Christmas front - I am getting my knitting goals accomplished--- I am down to one sock-- Only 1 to go!
So I am somewhat more relaxed now - and even hope to get cookies made today. I have the tree decorated - and everything else is wrapped and under it.
So I am just about ready.
Last weekend I had fun giving out some hand knitted gifts. My Baby Bro now has a 2nd pair of toe socks-- I am hoping that they will send me some of the pictures they took so I can post them here. (hint hint) I managed to get alot of knitting done for the Family Christmas at my Parents. The list of items accomplished -
1 pair of toe socks size 12-- Don't even ask how long they took.
1 pair of socks for his wife - Jo
1 pair of socks for Jan
1 pair of fetchings (fingerless gloves for those who don't knit) for Mary ( some how I forgot to take a picture of the ones I gave her - they were green - the ones below are black - but I will replace the picture if she sends me one of them - maybe even on her hands???)
1 pair of Reindeer gloves for Karen

The only sibling I didn't make anything for was Anna - as she has a wonderful Mother in Law who does knitting that puts mine to such shame-- but I am going to do something for her soon - I just need ideas...(hint hint!)

I so enjoy giving gifts - much better than getting in my estimation. However - this year I am planning on starting some of them in January so I do not have to be sleepless for a month prior to Christmas.


Opal said...

Pretty Christmas tree and I like your Reindeer gloves. :)

Marion said...

Wow Shelly you rock! You are so so talented I just love love your work. Huggs Merry Xmas and happy new year!!! Marion