Sunday, December 30, 2007

Tired of Red --- and rambles..

So I have been working on gloves.. and for some reason I have been on a red and white kick - but I think its it fianally catching up to me. I am stalled at this point on both of these gloves at moment:Now this wouldn't be a problem - but I am doing these for a customer. The issue I am having is the face that the pattern is to have a white background or lighter color - and I am doing the red as the background. That shouldn't be a problem - but I keep messing the whole thing up. Irritating as ever. Especially as I have already knit this pattern once - its the Cunningham star patterns from Knitting Fair Isle Mittens and Gloves.
So they need to get done - just to give myself a break from the red issue- I did make these on Christmas day:
These are fast and easy to do! Pattern: Fingerless Mittens by Knitting at noon
Yarn: Poems from Universal yarns
Needles - size 6 DPNS
These will be a model for the shop.
Fast and easy. Satisfied with those - I went to go back to the gloves-- but ummm - well I had to frog a whole 2 inches..
So I started another model for the shop (as I am giving a class on the cast on this session for) the Lace Moebius Scarf from Fibertrends:
Wish me luck - I am going to try to finish it before New Years... Ahem - yes I do know that it is less than 48 hours away.. leave me to my delusions please.
I am going to try to have it at the shop for the New Years Day Sale. It will be a draw your own discount - anywhere from 20 - 50 % off! Don't miss it! 12- 5 New Years Day!
Then we decided to go see National Treasure 2 yesterday. Being a Knitting Addict- I could not go without something to work on. Having nothing on the needles - I quickly cast on a pair of socks:
On the Ott lite saga - I finally got the 2 40.00 gift cards from JoAnn's. Now I will take some time and get a new light. I don't think I will go with a Ott-Lite again- their customer service leaves much to be desired. So I am leaning more towards the Daylight lamps.
Any suggestions?

Okay- off to knit if I am going to hit my deadline!

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Opal said...

Get back to those gloves! You'll feel so much better once they're out of your house.

I love the Moebius. So frothy and light.