Monday, December 31, 2007

Sock Clubs....

This past year I had the excitement of being in the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Rocking sock club.
I was so looking forward to it having heard so much about the yarn and the club..I decided to find out more.
I received the first shipment and was really happy - but then I started to knit it. Okay - the pattern was not bad but the way it looked being knit - lets just not visit that again shall we?
Not being put off I looked forward to the rest of the shipments... Here are a few of the yarns:
The last one I really liked:
I can't wait to knit that up. However, I am not going to do it next year for a few reasons. One is the price. It went up again, and while the yarn is great - I would much rather spend 222.00 on yarn itself - or fiber- than on something I may or may not like.
That is not to say I won't keep up with a different sock club....
I am getting the Pedicures Sock Club -I really love the colors and the yarn.
The yarns are currently in my stash waiting for me to make them into socks. I did manage to get a bit of stuff done this past year - in between all the spinning I did - as you can see from this list:
2007 finished objects
1. clapotis
2. Scarf from stash
3. shawlette in green
4. Monkey socks
5. 5 hour baby sweater - white
6. 5 hour baby sweater - wool in the woods
7. 5 hour baby sweater - Crayola colored
8. Bonnet to match baby sweater
9. Christening dress
10. Roy's black socks
11. Mock turtleneck shell - yellow
12. mock turtleneck shell - birch tatamy tweed
13. Pomatomus socks - Silky STR
14. Fawkes socks - STR firebird
15. Shawlette
16. Pink Waffle socks - for kait
17. pomatomus socks - lagoon STR
18. Moorish Lattice socks - for Janet in brown
19. sheep - felted
20. sheep - felted
21. sheep - felted
22. scarf - charity
23. hat - charity
24. mittens - charity
25. Grammy's gauntlet's- Dad
26. Rococo socks - cotton candy STR for Kait
27. Christmas colored socks - SIL - JO
28. Candy Cane hat - red/white
29. Candy Cane hat - green/white
30. Candy Cane hat - green/white
31. Olive you Hat
32. Black Fetchings
33. Ornament cover (red/green)
34. Ornament cover
35. Ornament cover
36. Bills toe socks
37. Reindeer gloves - Karen
38. Royce's twin rib socks
39. Rochelle's red heart socks
40. Roy's moss cable socks- in Beaver Dam Pedicure yarn
41. Fingerless mittens

I also wanted to show you something else I hope to be working on in the new year - I hope Hanne Falkenburg Plisse' kit.

Hope you all have a safe and happy New Year!

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Opal said...

Holy crap! That's a huge list of finished objects. Be proud. Be very proud.