Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Ott Lite Saga....

Last year my Darling Husband was wonderful to purchase for me the one Item I really wanted.

An Ott-Lite to help me when I am doing all the colorful knitting. I was excited as we had decided to only get each other one thing. Now this wasn't a big one - but a small table top one. This was such a wonderful and thoughtful gift! I was excited and happy to use it - so much so I went on line at 9 am Christmas morning and did the online warranty CARD!
Now you know I had to be excited. I rarely ever fill out those things.
So I patted myself on the back and happily began to use the light. I was so excited I cast on a pair of Black socks! On size 0's never the less ( ok-- so I need my head examined to taunt the universe this way - but I was excited....).

So everything worked great till the end of March and then one day in the middle of the row - BAM!

The light went out!
Okay - I thought - its the bulb. I must have used it way to much - so I merrily went back to Jo Ann's and purchased a new bulb immediately. Ran back home and quickly replaced the bulb so as not to stop my knitting or spinning.
Then ---- NOTHING
Okay - don't freak - take deep breaths - check to make sure it is plugged in and try again.
Still Nothing.
I was devastated.
So I was talking to Carla - and she said to check the Ott-lite site. It could be the black balast box. So I did. Yep that is what seemed to be happening. They even had a blurb about it on the site. So I contacted them.
Did I fill out the warranty card? Check!
Did I have a copy of the receipt? Ummm no.
Dang. So I call Jo Ann's and talk to the manager.
Then I call the Corporate Office and get a hard copy sent to me.
This takes a few weeks. Contacted Ott-lite - have to explain myself again and yes this time I have a receipt. I mail a copy of it to Ott-Lite. They are to call upon receipt.
3 weeks go by. No call. So I call them again.
Same questions.
This time I get asked if I have the proof of purchase. ( Oh yeah - by this time - we are in August!)
Proof of Purchase??? What? Are You Kidding ME?????
Okay no I threw away the box in January. Silly me.
After several tense contacts...(including one where I asked if they wanted my arm too - I was frustrated by this time and my patience is running thin...but I think after 4 mos it might be acceptable...don't you agree?)

After many more contacts Ott-Lite finally decided to send me a number to send it back. Oh yeah - include a check please for them to look at it - 9.60 please.
So I did.

4 weeks later - the box - totally destroyed returns -- it was refused by Ott-lite!!

Now I am no expert on things - but at this point - I was totally upset with Ott-lite. I called them again - and was asked (after giving them the silly number that I had been given -- which was even written on the outside of the box) What was this concerning??

When I explained - I got the same questions again.


Okay - So I go to Jo Ann's to talk to the manager - and she is nice - gives me the number for Jo Ann corporate and tells me to call them.
So I do.
I finally get ahold of them after playing phone tag for a week or so on November 2nd. I was relieved to hear that I would be receiving a gift card for 75.00 to replace it.

Finally! I was relieved. I would at least be able to get another light. Finally!! And - It would be here before Thanksgiving! I "could" use it on Black Friday - and even get a floor lamp maybe....

Yeah well it never showed.

Called them on November 30th. - Apparently they had to wait for the finance dept to send down the gift card. It would be mailed that day.
So I wait.

December 10th I called again as it has not yet showed up. Oh the gal has it but hadn't mailed it yet. WHAT????
Okay - everyone is busy I understand. (trying to be patient here)
It was now being mailed today.
So I wait again.

Friday was Dec. 14. Almost a full year has passed since the purchase of the lamp.
I called the manager at the store here in town again and expressed my frustrations - still being nice. ( I have not begun to yell yet - I think that means I get a medal)

The Manager is to call them and speak to the gal who is supposedly taking care of this on Monday.

So I am still without a Ott- lite. At this point I am thinking they may owe me more than just the money. After all it has been over a year now.

Maybe we should all write Ott- lite and Jo Ann's about this?

After all their customer service is just excellent don't you think?

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Opal said...

How incredibly frustrating. :(