Monday, January 07, 2008

Resolutions - at last.

I am proud of myself! Last night I finished the first project of the year - the Lace Moebius scarf. This morning I got up early and blocked it too. It will be in the shop tomorrow for everyone to see as I am giving a class on it starting next month.
After much thought about the whole New Year Resolution deal - it finally hit me what I should do for this year.
Resolution #1 -Knit a sock a week.
This means that at the end of the year - I will have 26 pairs done. 26. That seems like a incredible amount of knitting - but one sock a week. Yeah that is reasonable! By doing this I will also be able to get some of the pesky Christmas gifts for next year out of the way early too- and that will be a great thing.
So right now I have this sock cast on:
It is down to about a 1 inch of knitting before toe decreases. Should be done tomorrow and have 2nd cast on easily.
So - since I have the Moebius done - I have now returned to the consignment gloves I am knitting. Hope to have them up to the fingers tonight.
This weekend was a busy one- Roy and I spent most of Saturday working on some oranges. We juiced them, then cleaned out the pith from the peels and candied the peels up. After getting that far - some more Stollen was called for being made. This has got to be my favorite breakfast yet! A slice of this - topped with butter.....yummmmmmm.
As I was in the domestic mood - I also went to can up the rest of the Pork and Sauerkraut , and even made a huge batch of beef and potato soup to be canned too. Everything was going well - until the silly seal on my canner decided not to work any more. Poor thing - it gave up the ghost. So today I got a new seal (thankfully - it was the last one on the shelf!) and the canner is happily working as I type.
That leads me to my 2nd and 3 resolutions for the year:
Resolution #2 Stop waste as much as possible- I am going to try to be more environment friendly. I will also can up and preserve as much as I can too.
and Resolution #3 Do not wait till November 30 to start knitting for Christmas. I know - this is a lofty goal for me. After all - I have been finishing something every year on Christmas Eve for as long as I can remember.
Hopefully I will blog more often this year too - maybe once a week to show you the progress on my resolutions.
Hope the New Year treats you all well.

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Opal said...

You should join this group! It's to keep everyone on track for gift knitting for 2008! I'm in it, you should be too. :-)