Monday, January 21, 2008

The 6 of Us....

Last week seemed to go on forever. It was really nice to have all my Sibs in for the surgery, so of course we needed to get some pictures: From left: Mary, Janet, Me, Karen, Bill and Anna.

This was taken a few minutes before everyone started to head out. Anna flew home last night- what a trooper she is - heading back to Frankfurt Germany so she can go to work today(she did take the new socks with her). Karen and Mary headed home, Janet will be back today sometime as she has off, and Bill is in for the week (his wife and kids are the greatest!) to help out.
We are hoping Dad will be home today, but we will leave it up to the doctors to decide.

I decided that for some reason all the great lace patterns are probably not good to be working on right now, and for some reason I am burned out on socks for a day or two. So after trolling several magazines - I found a great sweater to work on that is simple enough to be brainless ( no comments lol) - yet just enough patterning to be interesting.
So I give you the Ribbed Collar Sweater from Creative Knitting March 2008:Sorry about the bad picture- but the wind chill outside is -7 and for some reason much as I love to get good pictures- well I don't love it that much. For some reason the Hospital gift shop had this magazine - yet it is not on their site. So I really had to get a picture of the pattern.
I am using Kraemer Summit Hill yarn in Adventurine (green) colorway. So far I am really enjoying this pattern. I do think I will make the sleeves longer - as I am not that happy with 3/4 sleeves, but we will see.
I started this last night during the Championship Football games, I have to say they were both good games, but I had to bury under the blankets. I do enjoy Football, but I don't think I would enjoy it at -23 wind chills. But that is me.
Its to warm up today some - so I will try to venture out to snap a picture of the sweater in progress later today. Until then - stay warm and keep knitting!

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Opal said...

That's a great picture of you all! I love the sweater pattern. Can't wait to see some progress pictures. :)