Monday, January 07, 2008

Etsy shop up- and why I need directions for things....

I am not mechanically inclined.
I can do small projects.....but more than a few steps - or really good directions (usually pictures are required) are needed to get the job done.
So Yesterday I decided that the Kromski Symphony needed a good cleaning. Better yet- Maybe I should even clean that wonderful device that I abuse -no I mean - love more than most people should....the Woolee Winder.
Now - I had gotten everything needed - the required instruction packet (with the cute little bag holding the special tools attached) :
and a household screw driver.
I also assembled several added items that I normally need when doing this- a few paper towels, several q-tips, and of course the light weight oil.
Satisfied I could do this - I began to disassemble the woolee winder.
2 hours and several reassembly's latter - it is functioning correctly. Now many of you would think -wow- what a shame it took that long.
Not really - I just learned 8 ways that a woolee winder will not work ( okay so I am taking a line from Thomas Edison - thanks National Treasure!) when put together by myself.
I am hoping that I will remember how to do it the next time I need to clean it.
Oh yeah - I might want to make a note - about the fact that cleaning the woolee winder while wearing a white shirt - is probably not recommended. Make that definitely.

On the knitting front I have finished the first sock of the year - and am on my goal so far of one sock a week for this year.
The Lace Moebius is finished and blocked - as you can see from the picture here:

I am also working on the consignment gloves too - here is the progress on those:(please excuse the bad picture - it is raining outside!)
After much encouragement by Opal - I finally put things up in my Etsy Shop too. I even have some Tadpoles For Ewe yarn up at the moment.
My only request is - if your local shop carries this yarn (there are 3 shops that do so far- Victoria's House of Needlearts, Carol's Needleworks, and Y2Knit) Please purchase from them - I want you to support your local shops first!
That being said- If you buy some of Tadpoles For Ewe Pedicures
or the Shimmer
(coming to the web site soon) - and your shop does not carry it right now- please show it to your LYSO and encourage them to look into it.
If you are a LYSO and want to know more about Tadpoles For Ewe - please contact us - Tadpolesforewe (at) yahoo (dat) com ( just remove the words and put in the proper things there .

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Holly said...

Wow.. you're cranking out the stuff!!! Love the moebius and the sock!