Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Getting back to normal...

Time to get things back to normal, but unfortunatly I am still struggling with the strange things my body likes to do to me. Notice my left hand - see the spot on my ring finger? That is what is left of the cold sore I developed under my wedding rings. Yeah - a cold sore- can you believe it? I had never heard it before - but now I know. Leave it to me to get something strange. Hard part for me is not having the rings on - I feel naked! I am trying to be patient - I really want to put them back on but not yet.
So I have been working on my knitting - as promised a a picture of the ribbed collared cardigan:
I have 6 inches done so far on the ribbing - almost up to starting the main part.
I also have been working on designing a baby sweater - so far I have the back and part of the front done. Hoping to have it done by Friday.
I do like the lace pattern and the scallop at the bottom, its going to be very feminine.


Opal said...

I just love that color green your working with!

Aim said...

That sweater is going to be just gorgeous! Go figure the wedding ring sore--stress can do lots of wierd things to you. Hope you're feeling well.
P.S. I gave you an award....come see!

Holly said...

I didn't know about your Dad. Hope everything is ok now. As for the rings, there are times I have to go for weeks without mine because of water and soap irritating the skin because my bands are so wide. I know what you mean about "feeling naked" without them!