Thursday, October 09, 2008

What have I been working on?

This past month has had me working in the kitchen a bit, making grape jam. I figured I would share some pictures of the fun with you. I started with a bowl of concord grapes:

I removed 1/2 of the skins of the grapes, but set them aside:
I then simmered the rest of the grapes in a pan. Finally after removing the juice and adding the saved skins, I left it cook until it jelled:
While all that was happening, I also worked up some salsa for the winter storage too. You start with some fresh tomatoes:
Wash, peel, dice, and add the spices , and cook until it is nice and thick like this:
Then using a ladle, pour it into the hot sterilized jars :Finally after a days work you have this:
That is just a small shot of all the canning that has been done. I also did the green beans, and several other items.
Now its the week between Bedford Fall Foliage Festival, and I have been knitting like mad on some moebius cowls to have for sale this week:

There are 5 in that photo. If they don't sell you will see them soon on my Etsy shop. I go tonight to get the items I placed in Hollidaysburg Farm Show. I haven't been back to see if I got any ribbons, but I was more interested in showing that knitting is alive and well. Speaking of Knitting, don't forget to stop by Delightful Ewe and check out the new class list for fall!

Its amazing how fast time flies if you are busy. Soon it will be time to start baking biscotti for the Holidays!
I will try to update again next week, or sooner if I get the chance to!


Opal said...

You've been crazy busy, girl! With great stuff too. :)

Hi! I'm Grace said...

really nice blog. :)

Yarn Tails said...

Makes me want to make up some blue berry preserves. Yum! And that salsa. Wanna come visit me and bring some salsa with you? LOL