Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bedford Fall Foliage 2008

That time of year has come and gone again, and I was once again at Bedford Fall Foliage spinning on a wheel. This year we had a change of location as the Church from whom we rented the hall for the last 27 yrs decided they wanted to do something new this year. So after much looking, and debate we rented the Old Bedford Jail across the street from the school building we had been in.
Its a interesting building, having been built in 1800's and is still in pretty fair condition after being used by county for several years.
The windows are original, but some of the walls need fixed, as there are cracks showing. I had a strange type of a booth, one that stretched across a doorway.

Now all of the yarn on that table above is hand spun and/or dyed by me. The exception is the small amount of yarn in the wire basket on the table by the yellow rose doily. The doilies were made by Carla's mom Peaches.
I spent most of the weekend in that spinning chair working on the Majacraft Rose wheel. Much as I enjoy demonstrating, it was a cramped space to work in this year.
One could also tell that the stock market was in trouble and people are worried. While we had alot of lookers, not alot of the people were purchasing items it seemed.
I managed to do only fair this year, and am a bit disappointed at the lack of sales I made. However this is a boost to most here in on the Internet as all of the items here will soon be listed in my Etsy shop.
I am going to prolong the fun and only add a few items each day, so keep checking back to see what will be added next.


Opal said...

i'm sorry to hear about the disappointing lack of sales. here's to your future success with your etsy store!

Holly said...

I intended to get there the second weekend, but ended up babysitting instead. I was disappointed I couldn't go!