Sunday, October 26, 2008

It was 2 mos till Christmas, and all through the House;

Its 2 Mos till Christmas!
I am coming up from my pile of yarn to report what I have gotten done so far.
I have been knitting a bit lately, trying to get caught up with everything. So far I have finished a few items that were custom ordered:
1 pair of blue mitts:
2nd, a pair of black, grey and brown mitts:
3rd item: Brown shetland handspun socks. Pattern from the book "Handknit Holidays", with some modifications:
I am now in love with this pattern. Its fast, and I really enjoy the rhythm of the knitting. I am starting a pair of handspun one for myself. I will have to get pictures tomorrow when the light is better.
I can't believe its almost the end of October, I am still wondering where the month went. I know I keep saying that every post, but this year is really flying by. Last Saturday I attended my nephew and niece's birthday party, where we pulled names for the Christmas exchange. I went about my whole week in a nice delusion of having lots of time till Christmas, so no big deal. I have projects planned for the person I got. Lots of time - right?
Then Saturday I was at Delightful Ewe, admiring the beautiful designs of Lisa Carnahan of Lisa Knits, and chatting with her and the other customers. When it dawned on me.

Christmas is exactly 2 mos away!

Panic has ensued. I am trying hard not to fall victim to what the Harlot terms as "IT". For those not in the habit of reading her blog or books, "It" is the delusion I will get all the items I want done for gifts done by December 25th. Note the word DELUSION.
Enough said.

So, in the delusional state I am currently residing, I decided to make a list and then to do what any sane person would do. Devote a certain amount of time to each project every day.

That will work, yep, it really should.

Can someone let the family know I will be in seclusion for the next 2 mos? Please?


Yarn Tails said...

Those mitts are cute! I have yet to make any kind of mitts for me or the daughter. I usually dont do xmas gifts for anyone. Most of hubby's family dont appreciate them. Oh well. The more for us!

This year has flown by. I am still trying to figure out where the time has gone. Mostly for me is cause my daughter will be graduating this year. Ugh!

yarnpiggy said...

Nice job! I was pretty sure I was going to fall victim to "IT", but on Thursday I became unemployed, which might help me out with my gift knitting...LOL

Katy said...

Very cool! I want to knit so many gifts, but, am so pressed for time!