Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday errands

Every Monday morning I start the week the same way, by taking a nice drive into Sinking Valley to a wonderful Amish farm to get milk. Depending on the time of year and what I need in the house, I will also stop at the produce stands (spring - end of Oct) or the dry goods store.
Its my time to think, and enjoy the slower pace of the valley.

I love the valley. I even have a farm picked out that someday I would like to live at. Its so quaint that part of my time is spent on the drive thinking of how I would decorate the house inside. Now, mind you, I have never been in that house. But,that doesn't stop me at all.

I can picture one of the 2nd floor rooms overlooking the meadow, with looms and a wheel. One of the side windows in the downstairs living room, I would have a bobbin lace pillow set up on a frame beside a wing back chair. It would be one that received alot of morning sun for good lighting in the morning.

(Yes, you have caught me, I have mentioned another craft. One I am itching to learn, but trying to be patient, and get things done that I have already started. So technically I haven't started any, so I am not actually adding another craft to my arsenal. YET)

If you have never seen Bobbin Lace being made here is a picture of some being worked at MD Sheep & Wool this past spring:
My daydream of the farm with sheep in the pasture, is one I visit every Monday, as I have for the past several years.

This week as I drove past the pastures with the sheep, horses and cows grazing, I enjoyed the colorful falling leaves drifting in front of the van as I drove. The fields have all been harvested for the most part. I shall have to work at remembering to grab the camera and get pictures of the corn stalks stacked up in the fields. It almost feels like I have stepped back into time on this drive. As I get closer to the house, I see the faint thread of smoke from the chimney and can smell the wood fire. Clothes, freshly washed, are already hanging on the line behind the house.

I finally pull into the drive, and park beside a buggy, and am greeted by the smiling faces of the children peaking out the window and waving. The smell of bread baking drifts from the house as I approach the door. The children are used to me coming to visit and chat with their mother, before retrieving my milk and heading back to the fast paced world we all live in. I think they are as curious of me as I am of them sometimes.

Occasionally there is a sheep near the driveway, that runs back and forth as I drive up. The chickens are out scratching and looking for bugs.

Life is simple there, all the problems of bills, appointments, work seem to disappear when I am in the valley. I could spend all day there.

Of course Chey is wondering why I came home, she is, after all, comfortable!


Katy said...

That sounds lovely...I could easily picture it.

I've not heard of Bobbin Lace, but, it looks beautiufl. Delicate but so worth the time!

Chey is beautiful! Give her a scritch for me!

Yarn Tails said...

I have never heard of Bobbin Lace before. Now you got me interested in it.

I have a dream similar to that. Nice big gorgeous house!

yarnpiggy said...

I have a house like that! One I've always loved from afar. It actually went on the market a couple of years ago, and I had to go to the open house -- there was no way I was going to be able to buy it, but I had to go inside anyway. :-) I still love it.

As for bobbin lace...eek! said...

Ok someone wake me up as I got caught up in your dream and didnt want to leave either! hmmmmm bobin lace sounds devine but....... My sight is failing me latley in addition to my hands. so will dream a bit more now. God Bless