Saturday, June 28, 2008

What happened to the time?

I have been busy lately, and haven't blogged for a while, but Marion was nice enough to remind me I should. I guess I have been so busy with summer things, I forgot to blog. Please forgive me lol.
Things are growing like crazy and I have been torn between knitting, spinning, cleaning, gardening, and canning. I have also been confused about the days. I tried to send Rochelle to camp on the 16th even though I knew it didn't start till the 23rd, but I still was confused enough to try.
But now I will try to get back on track. Opal has asked how the garden is doing, so I was good and took some pictures.
First I give you a picture of my garden today. Not doing too bad at moment. The broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and tomatoes are growing well at moment.

The beans have shot up and weeding is now very minimal.
Sweet cherries came in, so I canned up some Sweet Cherry and Almond jam, and even tried my hand at some Mulberry Jelly today.
I was trying to find a picture so you could see some diffrences in the back yard this week, I only could find one of the old garage in this one:

Now you see it above, and below, its gone!It actually came down in one day, although they are still working at getting the remains cleared out. It has made the alley easier to see for both myself (which is a good thing) and the dogs (which is a not so good thing) as now they can see others there too.

I have been working at the shop a bunch and have also been knitting up a scarf in the past week. I found the pattern easy to memorize and fast to knit, although I do admit to getting a bit tired of the color at some points. It took only a week to do , though, and was a fun time with the beads.Pattern: Heather Undulating Waves Scarf
Yarn : Schaefer Heather
Beads: size 6
Needle: Size 5
I really was sort of sad to see it finished, but I am also glad. I can now start another project to get done. This one is now at Delightful Ewe as a model. Don't forget to check the new class list!

Now to work on other projects, and as I am going to be celebrating my 7th yr anniversary soon, DH is off on vacation this week. Will keep you posted on what we get into, maybe a trip or two to a Amish sale, or some green houses.
Have a safe week.


Mommabear said...

Thanks so so much for posting and filling us in on your blessed life! Gosh your garden is wonderful. And you had to tease me with pic of that Jam! LOL Again beautiful work, the scarf is to die for! Huggs Marion

Opal said...

Your garden looks fabulous. It's amazing how fast everything has grown!

Holly said...

Beautiful scarf! I've been trying and trying to get to the shop. Everytime I think I'm going to be able to stop, something comes up. I'll get there soon!