Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hot weather and weddings

Last weekend was a hot one, and this one is no better. We did get to go to a beautiful wedding. The bride arrived being pulled by this gorgeous guy:My sister made the cake for the wedding - look how great it turned out! It was a white cake with a layer of strawberry filling inbetween the layers. She says she is not that good a decorating - I beg to differ on that!
And Finally a picture of the bride - Darla, with her flower girl in arms, and her new husband Alfe'. The gal on the left is my baby sis - Jan.
I loved the wedding- it was great - just wish the dang heat would leave. Have I mentioned I rather like cool weather?

3 comments: said...

Beautiful wedding! Yes it has been hot here too!!! Your sister did a devine job on that cake what is she talking about! And yes you can tell she is your sister! Thanks so much for posting! Huggs Marion

Opal said...

That cake looks too pretty to eat. :)

Holly said...

What a pretty wedding. I love the bright colors. You don't see that too often.