Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Its... Its... Its........Dainty!

I give you "Dainty!" - a new baby sweater designed by me. This pattern will be available at Victoria's House of Needlearts in Duncansville Pa.
Its been in the works for several weeks now - but finally just needs a few buttons - and DONE!
Just in time too - as it will be at Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet this weekend! Its got some fun techniques - from Latvian knitting incorporated into the design which is very feminine. I have to say it was a fun knit -even though at one point I was threatening to pull my hair out.
On the home front - things are crazy as ever. I finally decided to go to JoAnn's and see about a new lamp to replace the ott lite that had me so frustrated. Checking the flyer, I found that they have Ott-lites on sale. So, I took the plunge and went to look. Unfortunately, they did not have the models I wanted in stock, but they would order them.
Deep breath, I ordered 2 of them to replace the one that I had originally. I am hoping to get them in a week or two. Fingers crossed they will be fine.
Coming back to the house, I was greeted with this:
Seems UPS made a delivery and pulled up on the sidewalk. Now I don't like to get anyone in trouble but DH and I are planning on fixing up the front spots near the road (again) and since this delivery was for something I will be getting every few months, well I felt it needed to be addressed. So I called UPS to ask if this could possibly not happen again. A few hours latter the gentleman who delivered the package was at my door, apologizing. Seems even though I explained it was not too bad and while I was not happy - I was asking that it not happen again. Not to have the gentleman fired!
Goodness - take a deep breath UPS! I just asked that it not happen again. No request for money or the head of the driver on a plate.
Strange things happen with me at times.
Back to knitting the gloves.....

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