Sunday, February 03, 2008

Clearing Ice

So Friday we had ice. YUCK!
I checked with Parents - they said they were not going anywhere. Good. Its too icy to go out.
Saturday after we finished cleaning out here - we called down to Parents again. No answer.
So Roy and I headed down to work on the driveway - and to check on them.
This is what we saw -

Why does it look as if someone drove on this sheet of ice? - I mean - Seriously!
They had not mentioned going anyplace, so I checked the garage.
Yep - they had left.
Okay - so the drive was a sheet of ice. One really really large sheet of ice!
So we worked on it until it chilled down and was impossible to remove easily without the use of a jack hammer or dynamite. Maybe I am exaggerating - but dang - it was a pain to get up!
We got to the edge of the side porch done and a walkway to the house from the garage.
We parked at the edge of where we left off last night today. Below you can see the walk we cleared in front of the garage.
Returning today - we finished the job - Roy had the job of loosening the ice, I got to shovel it to the sides. Kind of felt like ice skating of sorts. Took a bit but we got it all.
Now I can rest easy - and watch the commercials during the Super bowl.


Opal said...

That's just nasty.

Susan Pandorf said...

Now THAT is cold...