Thursday, April 19, 2007

Virginia Tech.... saddness

Such a sad situation. My heart bleeds for the familys of the victems, including the shooter's family.
Maybe that sounds bad, but as we all go strraight to making him into a huge villian, we do need to stop and remember his family.
Yes he is gone.
Yes he did a absolutely horrible thing.
Yes it was the most horrible attack on young adults in our nation.

But what about his family? What must they be feeling?
Were there warning signs? yes.
Did others try to get him help? yes.
So what went wrong?

Maybe the Heathcare system failed him, maybe the society as a whole.
But what about us?
We as individuals need to help each other.
I saw a report about how he had been hospitalized at one point as he was making threats I believe they said. But yet he was discharged the next day, as the powers that be in the hospital felt he was okay.
What responcibility do they have now?
I am not saying we need to take their jobs away. But what about a double check system for those who make that type of decisions. I see many people who go into a Psych unit come out quickly, too quickly. Often with no or little help given other than a place to sleep for a night. Who is at fault? Is it the insurance companies, and their "managed alotment of treatment time"? Or the Dr's?
I don't know.
But I do know that watching the news media drag this through the wringer is depressing.
so, I guess I will leave it at this:

To ALL of those touched by this act - You have my prayers.
May you all find peace in this darkest spot of your lives.

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