Thursday, October 26, 2006

busy week

I have been spinning and knitting a bunch this week, Also have been putting things up on ebay too... My id on ebay is shellsfibers, and I have lots of new yarns up on the site too.
I have a goal to clean out the fiber in the basement- well maybe not clean out- how about just getting it all processed or washed and then ready to spin.
I will be getting a pic of my sweater I am currently working on. Thanks to a dear friend - I am trying to only work on one project (knitting) at a time. So far so good...but its a hard thing when I see the new magazines!
By the way- have you seen the beautiful scarve on the front of Vouge Knits Holiday??? Goodness I am having a problem keeping from starting it right now. Of course- that is the 'carrot" to finish this sweater!

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