Monday, October 16, 2006

Bedford Fall Foliage!! Finally!

Yes- Its a Craftshow!!!
This is how my booth looked at Bedford Fall Foliage this year!

Isn't this sweater beautiful??

I really enjoyed demonstrating and showing off my yarns- keep and eye out for them to show up on my site soon!!


mlj1954 said...


The yarns are lovely, really lovely. I love your sweater and all the grand colors. WOW!!

Good luck.

Mary Lynn

Fiadhnat said...

Wow! Beautiful! I've been checking your blog for the Whoduknit quiz!

Pati said...

Your booth looked really great. I love the sweater.

dobarah said...

Your booth is beautiful! How was the show? I bet all your work paid off! I'll have to visit more from the WhoDunKnit group...this is fun!