Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Wallaby made me do it.

There it is, the Pumpkin Patch Wallaby. Number 6 of the Wonderful Wallaby pattern I have now knit. I can't begin to tell you how addictive this pattern is, I lay awake thinking of color combination's.

But I must keep going, and I have 2 other projects on the needles. The first is out of noblesse yarn in green colorway. The pattern is the Corset top by Annie Modesitt.
The 2nd project I cast on only last Thurs. Its the Soleil from Knitty. Some Tattamy tweed yarn that just arrived in the shop, in avacado colorway, had to come home and jump on the needles. I have almost 8 inches knit on it so far.

One other note : My dear friend Carole has a new venture here. I know she will do very well in this as she is such a energetic and creative person!

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