Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day

Its to be a great romantic day.
I dislike forced feelings. To me - forcing the feelings is almost painful.
I would rather do other things- Like Spin or dye some yarns.
Speaking of dye--- here is what I did last week:Don't those look like something to roll around in? That is my idea of fun.


Mary Lynn said...

Holy mackarel Shelly, those yarns look sumptious! Very nice. Very, very nice!

Jane said...

Oh my, yes - definitely looks like something to roll around in! I've just got to learn how to do that (dye yarn, not roll around in it LOL)

hollyboc said...

I'm pretty sure I see the yarn I bought in this post! And it is knitting up SO beautifully. Hopefully I'll eventually get to a "knitting night" to show you!