Sunday, August 20, 2006

Ugggg! Hate when you cant remember anything!

Okay - so for the past several days I have been trying to get into this acct and do you think I can remember the password??
Goodness my mind is fried!
Anyhow - I have a bunch of yarns done - and will post a total here soon, but I did want to post some pics of what is now done:

This is a hat I shall be using for the Bedford Fall Foliage as a display peice..

I really like this and it turned out great - I felted it slightly to make it even warmer for the winter this year!

And Rachels dress is DONE!!

Bodice detail..its very pretty.

Anyhow I have been busy and dealing with having to get a new water heater, and I even went to a yarn mill this past week- Kraemer yarns!! Goodness I would love to live in the mill!
I will post about it next.
Hoping this week will be better!


hollyboc said...

Wow. I can't knit lace straight and you turn it into a dress. It's beautiful! See you Tuesday.

Jane said...

Great hat! And the dress is beautiful. Will it be a Christening dress?

shell said...

LOL - it was just a pattern Holly, nothing special - and we won't begin to talk about how many times I frogged it!
I am not sure if it will be used as a Christening dress- its really cute though!